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Apr 30, 2012 12:36 PM

California Focused Vegetarian & Vegan discussion threads

You can find links to vegetarian/vegan topics being discussed on the California boards here. These are locality-specific conversations about things like local restaurants, and sourcing products and ingredients in a particular city or region.

Have you seen a great thread on the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles Area, San Diego, or California board that focuses on vegetarian/vegan-related discussion? If so, you can add to this thread and tell people about it.

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  1. Flying through SFO and need some options that don't involve eating airplane food? "Gluten-free vegan at SFO?" has some ideas:

    1. Need some suggestions for "Vegetarian Restaurants" in San Francisco? Check out:

      1. Jonathan Gold's 99 Essential LA Restaurants makes an excellent checklist for covering the spectrum of LA dining. But which of the restaurants on the list are Vegetarian friendly? veggietraveler asked about that here:

        For more-specific LA info, check out this thread on the "Best Chinese Vegetarian Restaurant".

        1. Nikki NYC wondered, "What's your favorite vegetarian restaurant in San Diego?" If you've got a good answer to that question, post it here:

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              It's been updated frequently over the years, so I thought it was still a useful thread for people to read.

          1. Any place in the SF Bay Area make better vegan milkshakes than Saturn cafe in Berkeley?

            Blow-by-blow account of the 15-course vegan tasting menu at San Francisco's Atelier Crenn,