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Apr 30, 2012 12:35 PM

Recommendations between Vancouver - Kelowna (Road Trip)

I'm heading out to Kelowna tomorrow and I wonder if anyone knows of a good spot to eat, buy honey, maybe some fruit wines, or just any special food destinations between Vancouver to the Okanagan.

I haven't decided which way I'll drive yet so i'm open to suggestions for any route!

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  1. Hi MattGuterres,
    If I only had time for one meal in Kelowna it would be at Le Plateau Bistro.
    (Shhhh....I wanted to keep this place to myself, but I think others have caught on to it in the past several months ;)

    1. check out the kelowna farmers market for the honey and maybe some other food items - http://www.kelownafarmersandcraftersm...

      1. Sorry I'm late getting to this, as you're probably already in Kelowna, sigh. For future reference or for on your way back....

        1) Honey, fruit wines etc. would be Keremeos. they are the fruit stand mecca on the way as they are the cross roads between choosing Osoyoos or pentiction (Kelowna) direction. There are TONS of stands there including a huge honey bear on the north route.
        2) Food I would say the Home cafe in Hope, the original one and still better than the newer one in Maple Ridge. The pub at the top of the hill coming in to Princeton is quite good. The Barley Mill pub in Penticton has the best French onion soup I've ever had as well as some awesome craft beers.
        3) I almost always take the Hope Princeton because of the scenery, fun on driving the curvy road and food along the way. If I'm driving in the middle of the night or in a hurry I'll take the Coq, but thats about it.

        Hope you have a great time and let us know if you find anything else interesting.


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        1. re: Jzone

          awesome suggestions! I was tight on time and took the Coq. Definitely gonna see about that Barley Mill Pub. There seems to be a good sausage place in Penticton too. I forgot the name but I had a quick look today and I remember a german family friend telling me about this meat shop being an important thing for europeans settling in BC.

          1. re: MattGuterres

            If you find the sausage place please post it as I'm curious. As for the Barley Mill here is a link ( which has directions, menu, info etc..

            There are also cool places in Peach land and Summer land on the way from Kelowna to Penticton. Also a good pub in Naramata on the far side of the lake from Summerland and some great wineries out there too. Heading south though OK falls to Osoyoos there are dozens of awesome wineries some with great food.

            Have a great time,

            1. re: Jzone

              in Penticton, you might be referring to Grimm's -- we like some of the products there, it's not cheap but the place is interesting and clean. it's not related that i am aware of to the supermarket brand of sausages --- it's on north side of "west" Eckhardt in a little strip mall -- near the intersection with Power St. The hiway 97 route shares this same intersection - there is a chevron on NE corner.

              the other spot worth visiting for meat sausages etc is a few miles north of Penticton (about 12 minutes) in Trout Creek -- it's called Paradise Meats and is on the EAST side of Hiway 97, again, in a small strip mall with blue roof next to a gas station at the lights at Johnson St intersection. If you get as far as the orange metal roof fruit stand, you have gone too far north.

              see info pasted below.

              and - on Saturdays at the Penticton farmers market (north end of Main St, near the Lakeside hotel casino) - there are often sausage vendors.

              the other vendor we like at the valley markets is Wine Country Bakery. Martin is the man and he bakes up in an industrial site somewhere in Kelowna.

              Paradise Meats & Market
              103-6011 Hwy 97 RR 9, Summerland, BC V0H 1Z9
              (250) 494-2296

              1. re: Georgia Strait

                Awesome! Thanks to the Georgie Straight too! Great idea having representation on chowhound.

                I didn't read your comment before replying to Jzone so I guess I've just confirmed that the place I spoke about was in fact Grimm's

              2. re: Jzone

                Thanks Jzone!
                The sausage place is called A & K Grimm's Sausage
                Haven't tried it yet so can't vouch personally but I popped in briefly to have a look on my way to Naramata and it smelled great! I'll be going on Sunday, so maybe i'll report back after:)

                1. re: MattGuterres

                  have you been down to Nara village ... ie where you'll find the general store / liquor agency / video rental / post office / recycling all in one place?

                  there's a nice little coffee shop called Village Grounds about 1 block east of the general store.

                  and then of course there's the big old hotel - just go in and look at the menu. haven't been in a while so no recommendations

                  we really like Elephant Island Winery in Naramata -- family owned and operated (i think it was the grandparent's farm that the younger generation now operate), friendly, low-key, lovely setting in an ORCHARD -- they haven't ripped out the trees in order to get in on the trendy grapes. don't let the idea of "fruit wines" put you off.

                  1. re: MattGuterres

                    Grimms was great! They have a ton of selection you can smell meat smoking when you walk in. Really wonderful. There's a selection of european snacks and spreads too. I picked up some black currant jam with my meat

                  2. re: Jzone

                    Thanks again for the Barley Mill recomendation!

                    I had the french onion soup with some beer battered fish. Tasty chunks of onion floating around as you promised. If I remember correctly, they deglaze the pan with brandy. Super flavourful.

                    The fish came out hot, really fresh and clean tasting.

                    My friend had a burger and loved it.

                    And I got a selection of tasting glasses of their different beers so I could try a selection of what they make. Their seasonal beer had run out. I was bummed about that cause it was a Red Clover Honey Ale.

                    I'd definitely go back.

                    1. re: MattGuterres

                      Barley Mill makes some excellent beers. ( I had a memorable smoked porter of theirs a couple of years ago at the Alibi room)**. Alibi gets beers from them from time to time but I haven't come across that porter again. Pity.

                      **correction: the porter was from Barley Station Brewpub in Salmon Arm. I get the two confused.

              3. For future reference, I really enjoyed the East Gate diner by Manning Park. It's tiny and friendly, with excellent food. Very home style.

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                1. re: dustthouart

                  Yes! I agree. :) I usually go there when boarding and skip in the summer when driving though to get to Princeton, but they are pretty good for road food. Good call.

                    1. re: MattGuterres

                      I don't think so? From what I remember, it was all classic diner food. I think our table had a burger, a club sandwich, and turkey with stuffing (it was Thanksgiving weekend).

                    2. re: dustthouart

                      I read your post before a recent road trip and made sure to stop by the diner. The food was pretty good! Had a halibut burger, which turned out to be a deep-fried filet (not what I expected), but it had good flavour and hit the spot. My companion enjoyed his huge chicken & swiss sandwich. Eyed the pies but we were too full.

                      According to their website, this is their last year (lease is up), which is too bad!

                    3. if you go the Hope Princeton route (hwy 3) --- i hear some people make sure they stop and get the meat jerky at "west hedley mall" ----- you can't miss it. There is a meat store and that's the place. It really is just west of Hedley BC, on the SOUTH side of the hwy. ... as you leave Princeton twd Keremeos, you'll travel on the SOUTH shore of the Similkameen River --- and then when you cross over the big concrete bridge, and then there's a forestry campsite and watch for it - there's the West Hedley Mall. And if you really are city folk looking for a mall - it's not what you think.

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                      1. re: Georgia Strait

                        Yes, it's called "Doug's Homestead Meat Shop", big sign, gravel driveway - be prepared to stop fast! .. faux brick exterior IIRC.
                        Home made jerky & pepperoni typically sell out by noon on weekends.
                        If you want pepperoni, they weigh a piece and ask you what your entire order will cost, if you're correct, you get it for free! ( been off by 1 or 2 cents several times)