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Apr 30, 2012 12:32 PM

Southwest Boards Specific Vegetarian & Vegan discussion threads

You can find links to vegetarian/vegan topics being discussed on the Southwest boards here. These are locality-specific conversations about things like local restaurants, and sourcing products and ingredients in a particular city or region.

Have you seen a great thread on the Austin, Dallas - Ft. Worth, Houston, Texas, Las Vegas, Phoenix, or Southwest board that focuses on vegetarian/vegan-related discussion? If so, you can add to this thread and tell people about it.

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  1. In Austin, alyssabeels wondered where she could get "Fancy vegetarian?" Check it out:

    1. What are the "Best Vegetarian Dishes" in Dallas-Ft. Worth? Shakewood wants to know. If you want to know, too, see:

      1. Want to know about "Vegan-friendly Mexican in Houston?" Take a look at for more info.

        1. Coastalgypsy was looking for Veg-friendly "Solo dining in Santa Fe & Taos" back in 2010, and the thread is now updated in 2012. Check here for more info: