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Apr 30, 2012 12:32 PM

The Grill Next Door, Haverhill.

I went to TGND a few months after they first opened specifically to try the beers and i was quite impressed with the selection and quality.

Recently in an effort to explore the local dining scene a friend suggested I try the food at the TGND so off we went. On my first visit I was tempted by the prime rib and decided to give it a go. I asked for a slab that was as rare as they had and was not disappointed. The meat was just as rare as I had hoped. They serve it off the bone which I'm not really a fan of but it was a nice cut with great flavor. I chose the baked potato and broccoli for my sides. The sides were not as hot as I had wanted and the butter I added just kinda sat there, not melting but that wasn't a big deal.

On a second visit with The Kid I got the scallops risotto and my son got the Mac-N-Cheese. The risotto came with about 10 small to medium scallops all with a nice sear and the risotto was a little tight but had great flavor with mushrooms and spinach throughout. The Kid's Mac-N-Cheese looked great but was under salted and came with a bread crumb topping which neither of us really care for. But with a shake of salt and a bit of digging under the topping we found this dish to be above average, very creamy.

On the second visit The Kid got a slice of cheesecake which was declared "Ok". It's more of a cake-y style while I think he prefers the creamier version.

We sat at the bar (when don't we?) and the service was cheerful and prompt.

We will definitely return and explore the menu a bit more and to sample some more beers which they take obvious pride in using appropriate glassware and serving techniques.

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  1. I've only been here for Breakfast, and always wondered how this place might be for dinner.

    Thanks for the post on their dinner. Will have to check it out soon.

      1. Tried TGND a couple of weeks ago. Mrs had a Reuben that she said was both way too fatty and dry. Go figure. My Bleu Cheese Burger was fantastic, and the roasted pepper topping went perfectly with the blue cheese.

        The beer selection was excellent. Didn't have time to sample more than one ( a strong, nutty flavored stout - can't remember the name right now) but the bar had several different sets of taps.

        Service was friendly and top notch. The owner was everywhere from directing cars in the lot to cleaning tables to greeting newbies like us.

        A local friend swears by their breakfast and that will be our next visit.

        A busy but enjoyable place. We also willl definitely return to sample more, though Mrs won't get another reuben.

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          I've yet to find a decent Reuben around here.

          1. re: ScubaSteve

            A bit further North The Portsmouth Brewery has a great Reuben and pretty awesome beers...Oh and their mussels are great as well.

        2. My family really enjoyed dinner here. This is one of those places that you have to go with what they are good at. Beer - Burgers - Specialty Fries. They had 39 beers on tap the night we went. You can get a paddle of beers (4 - 5 ounce beers of your choice,) a great way to try beers that you don't know. Their burgers are all half pound and they have a number of choices. My wife had one with sauteed onions and peppers, my son had a barbecue burger with an onion ring on top and I had one with peppercorns, cheese, bacon and sauteed onions. The fries that you can get with it are excellent. My wife had chili cheese fries, my son had chicken barbecue fries and I had cheddar loaded. My daughter ordered off the kids menu and had the corn dog and fries. Everyone was very happy with their choices. I tried a couple of the beer choices, which were both very good, and my wife had a hard cider that was surprisingly good.
          The place itself is very basic, not much ambience. If you like craft beers, awesome burgers and loaded fries - you need to go here.