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South Boards Specific Vegetarian/Vegan discussion threads

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What vegetarian/vegan topics are being discussed on the South boards? Find them here! These are locality-specific conversations about things like local restaurants, and sourcing products and ingredients in a particular city or region.

Have you seen a great thread on the New Orleans, Central South, Kentucky & Tennessee, Atlanta, Southeast, Miami - Ft. Lauderdale or Florida board that focuses on vegetarian/vegan-related discussion? If so, you can add to this thread and tell people about it.

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  1. Here's a recent thread from the Atlanta board about the best vegan-friendly fine dining: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/836618

    It was started by pikawicca in March 2012, and already has a lot of great posts, including reports on Wisteria, Empire State South, and South City Kitchen.

    1. This is a good thread about vegetarian Cajun/Creole food in New Orleans: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/540477

      It dates back to 2008, but was updated as recently as April 6, 2012....the Gumbo Shop still serves great vegetarian rice and beans.