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Apr 30, 2012 12:07 PM

Birthday Party help w/ chefs menu at home

Hi Bay Area Boards!

I am turning 50 and decided to bring in some chefs for a party at home. This is late May so I would love some feedback for menu planning, ideas and logistics on how to structure this. Have you done it? What advice do you have?

My thoughts are staying with local and fresh. I was thinking a few offerings for drinks and some tapas for starters while we are gathering. Then sit down for a first, main and dessert with coffee. There are some vegetarians including my daughter, so I will be building in some alternatives. I think family style builds an intimacy which is great for celebrations, but would love feedback.

I like the idea of hanging out with people I think are fun, fascinating and many of whom - I love. We can spend some time with each other, have great control over the food and quality of ingredients. We love inventive, fresh food. Has anyone else done this?

- Martha in Fremont

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  1. Hi marthak,

    I wonder if you might get more response by posting this on the General Chowhounding Topics board. This board is Bay Area Chow specific, so if you were wondering about caterers (for example) you might get some responses, but for general menu planning I don't think this is quite the right place.

    Good luck!

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      Thanks Jilly! I was looking to hear if anyone had done this. But upon further investigation I went with the private chef concept. I think local markets and season will determine the menu. I made it more complicated than it was.