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Apr 30, 2012 11:55 AM

Best Croissant in Boulder?

I have a craving and the ones at Whole Foods just aren't cutting it. Any suggestions?

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  1. Not gonna help you right now, but the croissants that are sold at the Udi's stand at the Boulder Farmer's Market are pretty good. They usually run out by mid-morning, though.

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    1. re: monopod

      Perfect! I was half thinking of doing the farmer's market this weekend, now I'll go for sure.

    2. Chocolate croissants at Piece Love and Chocolate hot out of the oven on Saturday morning, mmmmm so good. Real butter, chocolate, nice people, perfect.

      1. Just happened to glance at the pastry counter at Ozo coffee (downtown Boulder), and the croissants looked pretty excellent. Didn't get to try one, but I plan to. I think they get them from Spruce Confections.

        1. The Kitchen makes amazing croissants, best I've found in town.

          1. if u ever make ur way to denver try the ones at trompeau bakery......mmmmm......south broadway and bates. the dark chocolate/pear ones are my favorite. good fresh baked breads too