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Apr 30, 2012 11:20 AM

Best kosher lox in New York?


I'm searching high and low for the best kosher lox in New York. Preferably Long Island, but even if it's in Queens or Brooklyn or the city, I am all ears.

My friends are obsessed with the lox at Fairway and are convinced that it can't be beat. Unfortunately, it's not kosher. Surely there must be a kosher option that is just as good! Thinly sliced, soft, not at all fishy...... Any ideas?

Many thanks for your tips!

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  1. 1) I'm fairly sure the Fairway lox is kosher. Check the package next time you're in the store.
    2) Zabar's is definitely kosher.
    3) Acme is the largest distributor for all over NY and they are kosher. You can buy direct from their warehouse in Brooklyn on Friday morning. Check their website for details.

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    1. re: avitrek

      Hi, thanks for your reply. It's true that Fairway does carry *packaged* kosher lox, but we tried it and weren't impressed. (We actually returned it to the store, because it smelled so fishy -- maybe it was just a bad batch?) What I had in mind is the Fairway lox at the appetizing counter that they slice right there for you... that's the best one. Meanwhile, I will check out Zabar's and Acme -- thanks for the tips.

      1. re: blr26

        I find Fairway then Zabars and then the rest. I'm talking packaged, not at the deli/appetizing counter. During Passover, I noticed that Fairway's label send something about Acme, so it could be that Fairway doesn't make its own but repackages Acme's? Regardless, Fairway's packaged lox is kof-K kosher.

        1. re: craigcep

          They're all provided by acme.

          Doesn't tal bagels have a hecscher? They're sliced lox is very good.

          Today's packaged lox is so much better than even just 15 years ago.

          1. re: DeisCane

            Deiscane is right on the money. Nearly every lox in the city is coming from either ACME or a company called Banner. Fairway generally uses ACME and if you ask the guys behind the counter, they will tell you as much. IT'S ALL IN THE SLICING!!!!!! The pre-packaged stuff is cut so thick as to be chewy and tough. Cut paper thin and the same lox is nothing short of magical. I have never done this, as we slice our own in-house, but Fairways generally keep separate Kosher knives and cutting boards in the fish section (under R' Marmelstein?) Ask if they will slice a new lox out of the bag for you using their kosher gear. And yes, gravlax is wonderful, easy to cure and as good as it gets, but it is not cold smoked, and that is a horse (fish) of another color =-) G'Luck!

        2. re: blr26

          I was talking about the packaged at all of them. You'd have to go to a kosher store to get hand sliced. Of course, a lot of stores selling hand sliced are really just slicing acme. So you could buy a whole uncut filet from acme and slice it yourself. I believe Zabars makes their own, and what they hand slice is probably the same as the packaged that is sold with their name on it, but there is no hashgacha on the sliced area, so you'd have to decide if that is ok with you or not.

          1. re: avitrek

            I'm pretty sure Zabar's sources from Acme too. But not all Acme lox is created equal, they have a range of quality and places like Zabar's get first pick.

            Fresh cut is always better but the difference in lox quality goes beyond that.

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        1. Is there a difference between the "lighter" colored lox (more pinkish) and the "red" lox? I seem to recall enjoying the taste of the lighter colored lox to the darker red color, is there really a difference in taste/quality or anything or is just random, or a non-distincitive difference?

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          1. re: seikoloco

            Lox is darker and saltier, while nova is lighter and mellower. This has to do with the pungency of the brine used. Plus, nova is usually cold smoked.

            1. re: DeisCane

              Growing up in London, Lox was an orange colour. It was way thinner than what I have seen in North America. The really good place could cut it so thin it was almost see through. Used to smuggle it back 20 years ago when it was not as strict. Have never seen this type of lox around.

              1. re: DeisCane

                It also depends on what kind of Salmon is used... Scottish salmon is usually darker orange. In general, farm raised Atlantic salmon is pink and wild caught (usually pacific) is darker. If you go to Russ & Daughers you can look at about a dozen types of smoked and cured salmon and they will explain the differences.