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Apr 30, 2012 11:18 AM

Super 88 Allston

This is still around-right? I'm from Virginia and in town on business--Ken's Ramen used to be a must-do for me on any Boston trip. I know it's closed now :-(
So is a trip to Super 88 still worth the T ride from downtown? Ramen is my preferred quarry

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  1. Ken's has been replaced by Pikaichi which is arguably as good or better ramen (plus other dishes, such as chee buta don). Closed between 4pm and 5pm iirc. Afterwards you can walk to Clear Flour Bakery for some dessert to take back to your hotel. Alternatively you can take the T to Porter square to Sapporo ramen in Porter Exchange.

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      Personally, I'd go over to Mixx (Brighton at Chester) for frozen yogurt instead of Clear Flour, excellent though CF is. But yes, PIkaichi is at least as good as Ken's was.

    2. But you can still get the tasty bahn mi's and summre rolls at Pho Viets, and that other place - One of the Kind - has tasty noodles.

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        Yay!!!!! Anyone want to join me in a bowl of ramen?? (I guess that would have to be a pretty big bowl....)

      2. also, dry fried beef chow foon at the stall in the back corner called kantin, is very good.

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          Kantin does quite a few dishes well: Singapore noodles, nubby beef ribblets, there roast meats are decent...

          Oh, and above, to me Mixx is just another new yogurt place, but Clear Flour really is something Chow special.

          Also a few blocks up Yi Soon a wonderful Taiwanese bakery.

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            Kantin has great 椒鹽 "ziu yim" salt and pepper fried stuff like ribs, tofu, squid, etc. Definitely the best thing they serve there. I quite like their dry fried ho fun but I always feel like it needs saltiness.

            Mixx serves the from-a-kit frogurt and toppings you can get pretty much anywhere these days, so that's also not much of a destination.

            Yi Soon has on multiple occasions served me stale (and in one case, spoiled) pastries. See if you can take a sniff or a sample before you buy anything that's been sitting in the fridge.

            The chocolate-coconut macaroon at Clear Flour shouldn't be missed.

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              As of last time I was at Mixx, I thought the toppings were still the best of any of the frozen yogurt places in Boston. Fruit was always fresh, good variety of popping tapioca balls, mochi, every candy you can think of....and they have so many colors of spoons!!

              1. re: Dave MP

                Agreed - the toppings at Mixx are consistently excellent (mango & strawberries have both been unexpectedly good the last two times I visited, and the mochi is always fresh and tender), and I do love choosing a spoon color from their huge supply.

                1. re: Allstonian

                  I seriously think this is key to a successful frozen yogurt business: give people lots of choice when it comes to spoon color!

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                  I third (or fourth) the praise of MIXX toppings. No other place that I've ever seen carries lychee and longan (which look almost exactly alike).

                  And yes, all the spoons, ftw.

                  It's a fun experience. That's what these kinds of places are about.

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                    Exactly: Mixx is like every other Asian frozen yogurt place, except much much better.

                    Bear in mind that Clear Flour closes at 8 (7 on weekends) and that the shelves can be pretty bare those last couple hours.