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Apr 30, 2012 11:13 AM

Bottle sizes for tonic water/club soda

Do you buy your tonic water and club soda in small, individual size cans or bottles? I considered buying a 16oz bottle of Fever Tree tonic water (which has a screw cap), but I'm worried that it'll go flat overnight/ over a few days and the rest of the water will be wasted. Thoughts?

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  1. I buy 1L bottles of club soda at the grocery store 5 for $2. The mini bottles come in a 6-pack for like $4. Just doesn't make sense to buy the small ones. If it goes flat, I just dump the 1L out and open a new one.

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      How long does it usually take for it to go flat?

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        WF's canned tonic is good. just paid $2.99 for six pack in cans.

      2. I tend to purchase the six-packs (glass bottles) for that reason. I own a couple of unopened liter bottles but I only use them if I'm hosting and know it'll all get put to use.

        1. I have really enjoyed the smaller bottle of Qtonic, largely because they're right at the correct size for two G&T's which is convenient at our place.

          1. The smallest cans I can find are 8oz (Polar brand), and even those go flat before I can use it all! Tonic usually goes flat overnight for me.

            If anyone ever made tiiiiny 4oz cans, I would be first in line.

            1. I buy the 2 liter bottles and they easily keep a fizz on for 5 days in the fridge when opened. Since I don't have a fridge on my boat, they last 3 days. Here in Florida, we are already in the mid 80s and G&T with a slice of lime is considered a cooling drink, even without the ice.

              It helps to put the screw cap back on the bottle after every use. Something my sister consistently fails to do and then complains about flat diet sodas.