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Apr 30, 2012 11:05 AM

Best burrito in the Mission?

I recently had an amazing burrito at Taqueria San Francisco and I was wondering where else is there a great place to get the authentic Mission style burrito experience? I'm from the mid peninsula so I go up there to see some friends and we usually end up going to the usual spots. It's time to switch it up a little!

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  1. You'll turn up plenty of recent discussions if you search for "burrito" or "best burrito." Some exhaustive analyses from outside of Chowhound:


      Depending on where you live on the Peninsula, you might want to check out Redwood City's Mexican neighborhoods as well.

      1. Why travel to the Mission if you live in the mid penn? There's plenty of great places in Redwood City, downtown San Mateo, Mountain View.

        In downtown San Mateo there's a couple of places that had original branches in the Mission (still do) like La Cumbre and Pancho Villa. There's probably 10 more in the downtown area.

        Redwood City has a bunch. Sushi Monster (a CH) has a list:

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          Give the devil his due and remember his name change, El Taquistador.

        2. it depends what kind of burrito you get; for example, i love taqueria cancun because i always get carne asada, but my friend who prefers chicken loves guadalajara, but i find their carne asada not very good. i can't stand farolito, but it's mostly the (low-quality and over-salted) meat, my vegetarian friends love it.

          1. Assuming Taqueria SF is La Taqueria, your search is done. No need to go any further. That is simply the best in SF.

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              La Taqueria and Taqueria SF are not one in the same. TSF is on 24th and York. (Interestingly, when you google "taqueria sf" you get the yelp/gmaps etc links to La Taqueria).

              Its been a good long while, but one thing Taq. SF did well that is hardly typical of mission burrito spots was a chile relleno burrito. not exactly health food or anything, but a cheesy, chile-ey taste explosion (though structurally pretty sound - only a metaphorical explosion really).

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                tex.. thanks, love chile rellon's, difficult to find a really good one. Years ago there was a place in Puerto Vallarata that served only Chile Rellon's and some type of wicked alcohol drink. Best Chile Rellon'[s ever, the magic alcohol may have helped. Anyway, will stop by Taqueria SF and see if therew still doing that CR burrito

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                    There is a nice series of shorts on Mission Local, interviewing Mission chefs on where they like to eat, and the head chef from Esperpento loves Taqueria San Francisco. I just watched this first a couple of days ago.