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Apr 30, 2012 11:03 AM

Florence Dining Advice

Hi - we are two adults and a child (age 9) coming to Florence in July. I am aware that this is a very busy time and need advice about dinners. We have 2 days there. People here seem to recommend booking reservations for dinner, but with a kid and a cranky husband in tow, it is better for us to be able to just choose a restaurant when and where hunger strikes, rather than being bound to a reservation. But, I don't want to get stuck eating bad food out of desperation. I am thinking of the Oltrarno district, hopefully a bit away from the masses, since we'll be visiting the Pitti. Will we be able to walk into an enoteca or trattoria around 7:00 p.m and have dinner without a reservation? Or, do even less casual restaurants need reservations? We'll be skipping the more upscale places. Thank you.

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  1. usually it's really best to reserve especially if you'll came during weekend....
    anyway i think that about 7pm you'll not have so much problems......
    anyway this are my best choice oltrarno:

    Golden View - a very nice place near Ponte Vecchio, usually with live jazz! a good list of wine and very good cuisine (both sea and meat), and a incredible view outside! ask for a window table....

    Trattoria la Casalinga - near Santo Spirito church a very tipical trattoria in the district: try for minestrone di pasta e ceci, ravioli with rabbit souce then fegato alla griglia and stracotto al chianti with white beans all'olio!!

    Trattoria 4 Leoni - one of the most famous in the city! try antipasti misti with ham, bruschetta and mozzarella than fiocchetti with pear sauce, cheese and asparagus!! for dessert ask a tiramis├╣ (home made)

    hope this helps