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Apr 30, 2012 10:49 AM


I am planning a trip to Chicago this summer and I do not have access to a car so I was wondering
what establishments are accessable in Chicago proper?

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  1. It is a shame but there is not much in downtown Chicago - most of the restaurants are on the north side in the Chicago neighborhood of West Rogers Park and the suburbs of Skokie and Highland park -

    Downtown there are only two options - they are both lunch only - Metro Klub in the Crowne Plaza at 733 W. Madison, Chicago, IL 60661 312-602-2104 and lunches at the Chicago Loop Synagogue at 16 S Clark (


    Many of the restaurants in Skokie do deliver downtown such as Tein Li Chow, The Sandwich Club to name two - here is a list from the CRC -

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      Also, the kosher areas are only an hour or so away by public transport. So if you have leisure time that you don't mind spending on a train, looking at the scenery out of the window or reading a book, you can make a few dinner runs. Personally, taking public transport is part of my tourist experience wherever I go; I want to see the place as the locals see it, so I ride the trains, buses, trams, etc.

    2. I just noticed on the French Market's website a place called Kotel Kosher with an opening date of May 15th.

      Does anyone know anything about it?

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        I don't think that they will be under the /cRc\. I heard about a place in the loop looking for a mashgiach about a half a year ago. I asked my mashgiach friends about it. Maybe this place is what this talk was about. There's more about this that I'm refraining from saying.

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          There's a press release about this place (mentioning CRC certified foods) that's copied to a number of locations, here's a link:

          I'm guessing it's pre-packaged ("grab and go" is a clue). Nice if it's certified. Chicago is a pretty uninviting destination for Kosher-observant travelers/business people.

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            Yes it does look like it will be a grab and go style operation - - it will be interesting if it will be under supervision or just providing food packaged food from other vendors in town like the Sandwich Club -