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Best Breakfast Monmouth County

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Hi Hounders....

So I've spent the last few weekend on a new crusade trying to get out of my nornal Breakfast routines to try to cross off some of the "Must Tries" for Breakfast in this area. Here are a few of my favorites (and standards) but I would really welcome some good suggestions:

-The Cover (Brielle)- love the tiny salty little place. Best to sit at the counter and order a GIANT country scrample. Good hangover cure! Not great for groups since it's tiny. Nothing fancy but delicious breakfast and LOTS of it.

-The Buttered Biscuit (Bradley Beach)- amazing little place, a little more fancy than the rest with some really well excecuted break foods and really good service. Awesome varieities of eggs benedict

-In Between Cafe (Red Bank)- excellent food but pricey and I can't usually deal with the crappy service. (cash only too if that matters)

-My Kitchen Witch (Long Branch)- awesome ecclectic menu and place...very cool for couples and good food. She can bake some biscuits too!

-Nagles (Ocean Grove)- service can be a little rough, but one hell of a classic greasy spoon

I like Sissy's in Atlantic Highlands, and Turning Point in Peir Village too.

Trying Toast in Asbury Park soon....AM I MISSING ANY?!?!?!?!?


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  1. I'm not a big fan of Sissy's. Been to both the Atlantic Highlands location and the Belford location and they seem to lack consistency with the food, although the service is always good. My Kitchen Witch in Monmouth Beach is my #1 pick for breakfast in Monmouth County.

    1. I use to like Edy's in Little Silver, but the last time we were there, everything was off. Omlettes were not fluffy, coffee was not hot enough and the service was painfully slow. Like I said, it must have been an off day. Usually the place is preety good.


      1. For something completely different, go for the dim sum on Saturdays and Sundays at Crowne Palace in Marlboro.

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          North Beach Grill in Long Branch, Steve's and River Front Cafe in Sea Bright, and for the best pancakes around try the Broadway Diner in Red Bank. also Felecia's in Little Silver.

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            Agree with all of Papa Bing's recommendations though I haven't had the pancakes from the Broadway Diner in RB. For pancakes like Nana made, I go to Richard's in West End. For funky, thicker pancakes, I go to Kitchen Witch. North Beach Grill was my standing breakfast favorite for years because of the fresh ingredients, including fresh juices, and the diverse menu. Plus they would make anything you ask for with a smile. I haven't been to NBG since it's been under new ownership (not a fan of the new owner so may not be back for a while) though I hear nothing has changed - still all good. The River Front Cafe in Sea Bright is a recent discovery and my current favorite.

        2. Bing's Deli, Avon (maybe the best breakfast sandwiches in the county)... Chat and Nibble, Asbury Park (a little price but creative food, quality service)... Seabreeze Deli, Spring Lake Heights... (maybe the second-best breakfast sandwiches in the county)

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            "Bing's Deli, Avon (maybe the best breakfast sandwiches in the county)"

            what makes them the "BEST"..?

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              the toasted Portuguese roll, the right amount of meat to egg and cheese... maybe I should say "my favorite" since I have no actual data to prove my statement

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                I prefer some of the great breakfast everyone forgets about.....most of the good Mexican restaurants serve fantastic breakfasts....for example
                El Oaxaqueno Restaurante, 9 Memorial Pkwy, Long Branch, step out of the ordinary and enjoy.

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                  We love Mexican breakfasts. Our favorite place is The Bradley Cafe, Main Street, Bradley Beach.. Almost always get chilaquiles de barbacoa (goat). They make a good cup of coffee, too.

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                    missybean Im still trying to get to the Bradley cafe....I didnt know they close at 2pm .......Grrrrrrr of course i pulled up in front at 3330pm.....still gonna try in the future..

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                      I need to check on their hours as well. I am hoping they are open on Sundays (I do know they are closed Tuesdays) as I'd like to go there for Mother's Day.

                      Good luck getting there someday. I think you'll enjoy it.


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                    What do you usually get for breakfast at Oax?

            2. Frank's in Asbury Park is my favorite.

              1. Sweet Lew's in Freehold, and in the summer Sunset Landing in Asbury.

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                  First let me state I'm not a big eat out for breakfast kind of guy.......so my information on this topic might be limited. But I'm bored...and nosey....so I had to chime in. I recently discovered Amy's in Long Branch....have only been there once however a VERY extensive menu. I would like to say over 200+ omlette's along with many other breakfast favorites....my wife had the pancakes and they were very good as well. Very generous portions.

                  The only other contribution I have is I was suprised that nobody mentioned the Turning Point in any of the posts I read. Now mind you....I'm not a big eat out for breakfast guy....and I personally have tried the turning points and I can't see what the big deal is.....but they sure do seem to be the popular place(s) to go in the central Monmouth County area's.

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                    I don't see it mentioned yet, but my fiance has told me about a place in Atlantic Highlands called Zoe's Vintage Kitchen that has a great breakfast at very reasonable prices. It also seems to get very good reviews from Google users and others. The restaurant is very homey and has a cute old-school atmosphere. I will hopefully try it out in the near future.

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                      For breakfast it has to be The Cottage, 35 Broadway Point Pleasant Beach, right next to the party boats on Inlet Drive.
                      Very good Pancakes and French Toast, along with the rare properly cooked egg.
                      It's a mom & pop owned and operated for at least 30+ years. No frills, good food.

                  2. I'm with JSFein as to dim sum. Just don't have a good one proximous to my locale which is the AP area. But that's the ticket in my mind as well.

                    Fwiw, I had a marvelous breakfast courtesy of a chef friend of mine just this past Saturday - stopped by to drop off a piece of equipment I borrowed, and his GF and he were cooking. Poached eggs with a duck hash (duck were leftovers from Tre Amici). Outstanding.

                    1. If you want a wide variety of omelets, pancakes and waffles to choose from, a nice little place with every imaginable combination plus lakeside deck seating on Deal Lake in Asbury Park is The Sunset Landing on Sunset Ave just over the bridge from Wanamassa. Nothing fancy, but a nice friendly Hawaiian surfer dude atmosphere.

                      1. Also try Colonel's Kissing Booth, Sunset Landing and Chat and Nibble - all in Asbury Park.

                        1. Franks Deli - Asbury Park - #1 breakfast overall. Atmosphere food ambiance service. Corned beef hash is outstanding! Fresh OJ is worth the price!!
                          The Buttered Biscuit - Bradley Beach - tied for first place with Franks for food but different type of menu. Much better biscuit than My Kitchen Witch. Service is a bit wacky. Can be slow. Good baked goods!!!
                          Colonels kissing booth - fun atmosphere. Good daily specials. SLOW service
                          Sunset Landing - Asbury Park - stay away from the omlettes here. Pancakes and waffles are delish. deck in the summer with a cup of coffee is perfection
                          My Kitchen Witch - Monmouth Beach - excellent thick cut bacon and pancakes. Her biscuits and strawberry butter have gone downhill lately.
                          In Between Cafe - Red Bank - great omlettes Local vibe fast service
                          River Front Cafe - Sea Bright - excellent soda bread

                          DON'T bother with Toast in AP - food is mediocre, service is shotty and pricey menu IMO

                          1. I enjoy quite a few of the places posted above, but the Hudson Cafe in Atlantic Highlands has become my favorite as of late. I had the banana bread french toast this morning - indulgent!

                            1. wanted to be blow away at Toast... I was not... omelet was fine, nothing special... whole grain toast fine... coffee was great... ah, well

                              1. Zoes in Atlantic is good. Home fries meh. Good omelets French toast and fruit pancakes. Wish they jazzed upped the potatoes and the bacon were of better quality. Friendly place and good value, in between Red Bank is a bit pricey but the guy has never made my over mediums wrong and they use Taylor Ham. My favorite egg breakfast is here -home fries are righteous!. If you want to eat a breakfast sandwich that will hold you till dinner. Get a PECSPAC w home fries . For those lost it's a pork roll egg and cheese with salt pepper and catsup. Sorry for the catsup . Tavolo in Fair Haven makes a great breakfast sandwich . High quality. Gotta mention even though it's not breakfast food the French Dip w provolone at In Between is a 9!!!!

                                1. I'm not really a breakfast person, but for the money nobody beats Johnny Mac's in Asbury for Sunday brunch.

                                  3$ mimosas and bloody marys, free omelette station.

                                  That means 9$ gets you two alcoholic beverages and two omelettes including tax and tip. Can't beat that!

                                  1. I agree with TedyB
                                    - The Cover (Brielle) - quaint / small / lots of homey food
                                    - The Buttered Biscuit (Bradley Beach) - really tasty food / very pleasant staff and owner - totally recommend it
                                    - In Between Cafe - small / have to sit elbow to elbow with strangers / pricey / food is good / staff and owner are nasty / don't recommend submitting yourself to it
                                    - Nagles (Ocean Grove) - it is a classic / fun place / for me the staff was great
                                    - Toast (Asbury Park) - average

                                    1. strong list... missing Chat N Nibble (Asbury Park), Seabreeze Deli (Spring Lake), St. Stephen's Green brunch (Spring Lake Hts... Irish breakfast available anytime)

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                                          Chilaquiles and pico!!! OMGGGGGG