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Apr 30, 2012 10:27 AM

Best Sushi On Long Island

I was wondering what everyone thought was the best sushi on long island. I really enjoy Kotobuki and Aji 53 but I've found nisen very overrated. I was curious of there were other places I was overlooking. Any suggestions?

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  1. my favorite sushi place is in rockville centre and goes by the name of sushi ya. it's on park ave right in the middle of everything. i'll put him up against kotobuki any time. it's not to be confused with a place by the same name in garden city. there's no connection between them. it's one of the places i miss the most since moving.

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      Ill have to look into it thanks!

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        LOVE Sushi Ya in Rockville Centre. Also Kin Ha in Garden City is great.