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Apr 30, 2012 10:26 AM

In Caldwell, have you tried ROSE? If you haven't, you SHOULD!!

We happened in for dinner this past weekend. You know sometimes when food comes out of a kitchen that's so good, you know it's special; that's what happened to us at Rose.

The food, (especially the spicy shrimp and their version of boulliabase), are outstanding, (with a gigantic portion of boulliabase). The chef came around to each table for reactions, and needless to say they were nothing short of fantastic. If you're anywhere in the area and need a go to place for excellent Italian/Fusion food, this is a place for you!! They will customize tasting menu's for you. (they'll probably make you anything you want as well). The server we had was unreal! They've trained their staff well. Many times during our dinner, our water glasses were refilled with out asking and dishes removed promptly. They'll have music on Thursday night along with a tapas menu. After dinner, they showed us their new outdoor garden that will open when the weather warms.

This restaurant was an incredibly pleasant surprise, and we're looking forward to coming back again and again. In a sea of just the same ol same ol, Rose stands up heads and shoulders above the competition.

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  1. I've been there a few times and it's especially nice when you can sit outside, Food is very good and service is excellent. As far as being above the competition while it is very good and worth dining at, Divina down the road is better. That said, it's a very good place.

    1. Thanks for the report, sockster. Never heard of Rose before. Some interesting things on the wide-ranging Mediterranean menu, especially the Moroccan dishes. We love dining al fresco, so we may give it a try when the weather warms up.


      1. What a great place. Thanks for opening my eyes and mouth to this place. We went Sat night and really enjoyed it. They offered outdoor seating but was still too chilly. I can see the patio is going to be an awesome place to sit and enjoy a meal with your favorite bottle of wine in the warmer days ahead.
        We were put at our table with wonderful bread and two oil-dipping sauces. One sundried tom and the other parsley and oil. Loved them both.
        Hubby and I shared a clam and chorizo app and then we had this Moroccan chicken turnover. Which may I say was incredible, it was served with a lime-based sauce, which I used to also dunk some bread in too.
        For the main meal I had a short rib special and hubby had paella. Both were excellent.
        Loved the flavor profiles.. Very interesting. Was nice to try something out of the box with different seasoning profiles.
        Panacotta with strawberries for desert.
        Top notch dinner.

        May I say there were many things on the menu I cannot wait to try.
        The chef was super nice and came to our table 2-3 times to check on our meal.
        Service was great.

        Definatly worth a trip!