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Apr 30, 2012 10:23 AM

Question about Roberto's on Arthur Avenue and other Italian Options!

I really want a special place for my birthday with my family, preferably italian. The last couple of years I have gone to Babbo and Scarpetta and while I loved them, I think they were too adventurous for my family who prefers more red sauce options.

I have read really mixed reviews about Roberto's and was wondering if it was worth it. Also, I was wondering if there were better red sauce options in either manhattan or the outer boroughs.

Thanks a lot!

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  1. Roberto's is not a red sauce restaurant, but it is not what one would call adventurous. Is it a special occasion place for Italian families. I really like the food.

    For a more old-fashioned red sauce place try Pasquale's Rigoberto on Arthur Ave. Dominicks and Mario's, also on Arthur Ave, are somewhere in-between in character.

    In Brooklyn, I would recommend Frost in Williamsburg for quality red sauce food and atmosphere. Also Others can recommend places in Bensonhurst. Parkside, in Queens i also a red sauce standby. Piccola Venetzia also in Queens is another old-fashioned, but not quite red sauce family special occasion place.

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      Yea I might have used the term incorrectly. It doesn't have to be red sauce. Just a little less adventurous than like a babbo. Thanks for the recommendations!

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        Would you say Roberto's is the best in that neighborhood for italian dinner?

        1. re: adams728

          I would. Some wouldn't. And remember, no reservations, the tables are close together, and probably the most expensive (though not outrageous) restaurant in LI.