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Apr 30, 2012 09:01 AM

Menkee Wonton - Chiuchow - Sunset

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  1. We were in the area looking for someplace open between lunch and dinner, intrigued by the Chiuchow section of the menu we ate at Menkee Wonton.

    Ordered a couple of things from the Chiuchow Special Dishes & Snacks section of the menu. Chiuchow style peanuts ($1.50) were typical Chinese roasted peanuts, very crunchy with just a hint of the usual spice mix. Chiu Chow spice veg ($1.50) was cold sweet-pickled cabbage (?), not bad. Both would have been really good beer snacks, but they had no beer.

    One of my friends thought that given the name we should try the wontons. Got the basic soup ($3.50). Bland but OK dumplings, broth had something rancid in it.

    We got the more expensive of the two Chiuchow set menus, $30 for six dishes not counting a bowl of "Chiuchow plain porridge," which was plain jook with a small bowl of preserved vegetable for seasoning. I guess that's traditional but I'd sub plain steamed rice.

    "Spiced salted silver fish" was whitebait fried loose (not fritters) and tossed with diced Chinese sausage (the slightly sour red kind) and scallions. This was delicious and something out of the ordinary. Worth a detour to try it. Again, wish they'd had beer.

    "Chiuchow beef (hot)" was nice stir-fried beef with bell peppers, barely spicy, I'd ask them to use more chiles.

    "Spice salted fish ball" was very nice fish balls done salt-and-pepper style. A bit bland by themselves but good with the chile, peanut, and onion garnish.

    "Dried pig skin, pork blood & bean cake" was blood cubes, tofo cubs, strips of reconstituted pig skin (fairly soft, not very chewy), I thought it was good provided you got a bite of everything.

    "Stuffed eggplant, bean cake & [bell] pepper" was OK, a bit bland for my taste.

    "Curry squid" was kind of generic Chinese, tasted like curry powder out of a big jar.

    We also ordered some of those crunchy thin fried noodles in a pie plate with stir-fried chicken glop ($4.50). I never like that dish so can't really judge but we polished it off.

    And we got some stir-fried baby bok choy ($5), good.

    Total bill before tip was $50 for considerably more food than four of us could eat.