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Apr 30, 2012 08:57 AM

Agliolio's in Wellington

I wanted to post a review about this restaurant we've enjoyed several times.

Out here in Wellington and the surrounding area, we are mostly relegated to chain restaurants. Nothing wrong with that but often we prefer a locally-owned establishment over a chain. We heard about this place from a friend and decided to try it. It is on the corner of Forest Hill and Wellington Trace, close to Blockbuster. They specialize in house made pasta. You pick your pasta and choose your sauce and add-ins. it reminds me of Pasta And in Margate. As I said, we've eaten here a few times, maybe a half-dozen. The restaurant is clean and basically stylish and smells wonderful. The staff is attentive and every time we've dined there, one of the owners has stopped by our table to ask about our meal. A nice touch.

Pricing is affordable , maybe the average meal is about $15 (this is for a pasta with a protein) and kids portions are like $5. With your meal you get a family-style house salad and some excellent bread.

I've tried a few of the fresh pastas. The scampi, pesto and vodka were all top-notch. My wife likes the chicken cutlet with vegetables. The kids always get some kind of pasta and eat a lot of it but always come home with leftovers. They don't skimp on portions here. Many times we will start with the fried mozzerella or calamari--can't go wrong with either. More on the veggies my wife enjoys--they saute the vegetables with roasted garlic and capers. If I were a dieter, I could eat the veggies as a meal--they are that good.

Wine selection is great and the prices are fair.

I do have one observation. Last time I was there I ordered the lasagna and was served baked ziti. My server keyed it in wrong. It was still very good but when you want lasagna, you want lasagna.

We will be back since it is a great family restaurant near our home. I would encourge Chowhounders to try it out.

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  1. I am looking for some options in the area and this sounds good. What about Pangea Bistro...have you been there? Of course, I always have Grand Lakes and Taste of India to choose from as well.

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      Hi Freaker,

      We have not been to Pangea. It is close though.

      Yesterday we went to Agliolio again. It was awesome as usual. Both of our meals were top notch, service was excellent and a great value. The owner stopped by a couple times to say hello and to make sure our food was good. Great service means so much!

      They had a 2-4-1 on drinks so I got a couple of sangrias. My wife had angel hair whole wheat pasta with pesto and I tried the chicken picatta. My wife's entree was perfect. My chicken was cooked perfectly and the sauce was dead on--creamy, not too sour and not too salty. I got the vegetable medley which is my favorite thing there.

      Go check it out and let me know what you think!