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Apr 30, 2012 07:57 AM

bars with outdoor patio area - for a bachelorette party

some friends and I are throwing a small bachelorette party for a girlfriend this weekend and are hoping to take advantage of the predicted nice weather and try to get to spots that have a patio. We are planning on starting with drinks and probably some food at the Liberty and then go from there. Since that's a relatively central location our options from there are pretty open. I'd love some suggestions for bars with patios. Right now I am coming up with the following:
Audobon, Daedalus, CBC, Rattlesnake, Tavern on the Green.

Ideally it would be a place with a fun vibe appropriate for a small bachelorette party. Location is up in the air - I think we'd probably go in the direction that has the biggest selection of bars with outdoor seating.


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  1. The patio at Atwood's Tavern is fantastic -- and only about a 10-minute walk from the CBC. If you give them a call they may even let you reserve a table (depending on the time you'll get there).

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      While I agree that CBC and Atwood's are both great places, neither seem special enough for a bachelorette party. Also, CBC does not have liquor, so if you have a very beer-centric crowd it could be up your alley, but it is not where I'd think a group of celebrating ladies would want to head after having cocktails at the Liberty.
      The Rattlesnake has a nice rooftop with a pretty lively atmosphere that is actually a bar so that would be fun but there aren't many other outside seating places around you. There are a ton restaurants along Boylston or Newbury St with patios, but no bars with outside spaces.
      Another option could be the Legal Harborside - then you could head over to Temazcal or Drink, which would be a great spot but it's inside.
      Since the weather probably won't be nice enough at night to base your whole plan around it, is there any other type of bar/atmosphere that you'd be interested in?

    2. Last time I inquired Audubon wouldn't let you reserve patio when there are games at Fenway, which would rule out this weekend (not to mention parking will be a nightmare).

      Deep Ellum has decent patio out back.

      1. If you're at the Liberty and heading into Kendall/Cambridge, many of the new restaurants have patios (EVOO, Kika Tapas, Abigail's I think, Catalyst and Area IV), but I've noticed that they aren't particularly lively. Maybe with the right weather they'll perk up a bit. If you're set on CBC, maybe also consider Think Tank for drinks since it also turns into dancing later on in the night, which I would think is a good vibe for a Ladies Night Out.

        If you head the other way, Woodward has a nice -- although very windy for whatever reason -- patio that may be interesting post-Liberty.

        Also near Rattlesnake is Tico, which has good reviews here -- I haven't been, but they have outdoor space.

        1. 28 Degrees. Really nice patio. Festive---I was only there once (for a similar occasion) and there was a DJ and then a drag karaoke inside. It's not Olde Tyme Crafte cocktails, more like fresh fruits and juices and vodkas, fun and celebratory.

          1. thanks for all the recs. The weather isn't looking so great so we are scrapping any hopes of enjoying some drinks outside and have settled on a pre-dinner cocktail at Cuchi-Cuchi, then perhaps a drink at Liberty if it's nice, if not we can grab something at the indoor bar, followed by dinner/dancing at Brahmin. Anyone been to Brahmin? I wasn't a fan of 33 and understand it is a similar vibe, but the bride wants what the bride wants I suppose. Sigh.

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              I've been to the Brahmin and it is a very similar vibe to 33, not much has changed except the name. But they definitely don't false advertise: There are a lot of "Brahs" there.