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Apr 30, 2012 07:39 AM

Looking for a good dinner option for a larger group (20-30) that can accomodate kids too

We will be taking a duck tour in the late afternoon (July) and are looking for a good restaurant to go to after with our large group...mostly adults but some kids. Would like sit down service and we are open to any price range (usually restaurants that are kid friendly are not overly pricey anyway!) Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. You can reserve the Lava Lounge at East Coast Grill on any night except Fri and Sat (although I think they may sometimes make exceptions and reserve it for an early dinner on Fri or Sat).

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      if you like ethnic, I would suggest coming into Brookline (a very short ride) and going to Dok Bua, a very good thai place that is entirely family friendly. Call, of course, and see if they can accommodate you, but I've done this with my family when they come en masse, and they range from 1 year olds to 84 year olds and all find something to love. As with any restaurant and a group this size, try to go "off hours": before the dinner rush for example. You'll get better service and the kids can be a little more free to wiggle!

    2. I'm eager to hear everyone's thoughts on this one. I has the exact same question and was thinking of Sel de la Terre at Long Wharf, Five Napkin Burger near the Pru, but we're open to anything. We'd prefer something that is somewhat near the Duck Boat, i.e. anywhere downtown, Back Bay, South End.

      The event is a Thursday afternoon, so I also need to consider the happy hour and bar scene and if certain restaurants may be too crowded to accommodate us.

      Thanks in advance!