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Apr 30, 2012 06:04 AM

Another Broken Egg Cafe in Cary (maybe Durham). Anyone tried?

Has anyone tried this? It is over by the new Target.

Might be nice to have an option if Briggs is packed.

Looks a bit like a chain.


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  1. Is a chain. Haven't been. One location recently opened in Durham and one is "coming soon" to Morrisville. None in Cary.


    2608 Erwin Road, Suite 120
    Durham, North Carolina 27705


    Park West Village
    1121 Market Center Drive
    Morrisville, North Carolina 27560

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    1. re: ToothTooth

      We've been to the Durham site. I'm a big eggs benedict fan so I was happy to try it. I ordered the crabcake cavallo. The poached eggs were done perfectly, but the crabcakes were kinda mediocre. The breading was disappointing. It was overly soggy and maybe gloppy, kind of like Church's scoop biscuits, but not in a good way, is how I'd describe it. But I love egg dishes so I'll go back to try something else.

      It's a chain but this is not a cheap breakfast chain. Between my wife's dish(veggie benedict), mine, a bowl of grits and a glass of OJ it came at to be about $40 w/ tip.

      1. re: ToothTooth

        Okay. I think i sawt he one in Morrisville. did not know it was a chain.

      2. Had breakfast there last week, and definitely prefer it over Briggs. I had the Bananas Foster, my son had the Egg Benedict. I might start going at least once a week. Excellent!

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