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Apr 30, 2012 05:16 AM

Feedback on London Restaurants

Thank you to all who gave me feedback on ´trendy´London restaurants. i discovered i really do not care for trendy all that much yet had a fab time at ...

1 opera tavern. it was a bit too casual and crowded yet the servers were charming and the experience fun. i was there alone and it was great

2 Tate Modern both the first and seventh floor. Food outstanding. Fun and lively.

3 National portrait gallery. View good yet cuisine was shockingly not the qualitty expected.

4 Helene Darroze at the Connaught fabulous experience and of course expensive. Maybe 400 with wine. Very rich food. Slightly pretentious. Beyond the price, it is the kind of place one really only wants to go every few years.

5 Pollen Street Social was fun! Expensive wine list and just okay starters yet very good main courses and a fun crowd. next time I would have the tasting menu and go early ... we were seated very late

6 Texture was my favorite restaurant in addition to the Tate Modern. Really creative cuisine and exciting flavors. most people had the tasting menu yet our ten o´clock reservation made that impractical.

Next month I will try Ducasse at the Dorchester ... any other suggestions ... I no longer care about trendy especially if that translates to crowded ...

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  1. Great lineup of restaurants there, I love the Opera Tavern and PSS.

    Why was the Portrait Gallery so shocking? Have to say a poor gallery restaurant would never particularly surprise me, good ones like Moma are very much the exception.

    Given what you enjoyed I would in all honesty recommend Marcus Wareing over Alain Ducasse - it is the best 'fine dining' experience in London in my view and the food is significantly better and more interesting.

    For slightly better value I can highly recommend Alyn Williams at the Westbury. It'll cost half what a meal at Wareing or Ducasse would and is definitely better than half as good!

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      Thanks for the Ducasse warning! I was surprised by the National Portrait Gallery because the same foodie recommended it that recommended the Tate. I've been to Marcus Waring and agree!