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Apr 29, 2012 11:59 PM

Help! I need cookie/bar recipes with a large yield!

a good friend is getting married and asked me to help with her engagement party. The plan is to serve drinks and dessert, much f what she wZns me to make. Problem is, I'm going to be out of town until 6 days before the party. That means some do-ahead. It also means getting the most out of the recipes I use. By way, she's also expecting around FIFTY people! Does anyone have any recipes that will yield a big bang for my buck? I'm thinking slice and bake cookies, bars, brownies...any suggestions?

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  1. Google Man-Catcher Brownies. Easy, the recipe makes a ton, rich so you can cut small, and astonishingly popular.

    1. Links to USDA School Cafeteria Recipes - in 50 and 100 servings quanties

      USDA Recipes for Schools Alphabetical by Recipe Name

      USDA Recipes for Schools Numerical Order

      1. These three make huge quantities and are easy to whip up and freeze well.

        Ina's outrageous brownies, baked in a large sheet pan:

        Monster cookies (I don't care for the M&M's and use chocolate chips but people seem to love the M&Ms):

        The fake Mrs Fields/Neiman Marcus chocolate chip cookies:

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          Thank you so much, guys, for the great suggestions! Definitely going to make some of these. I also have a stack of boxes of mini phyllo tartlet shells that I may just fill with some lemon curd and pipe on some whipped topping. Those are yummy.

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            Oh, I was going to suggest that exact thing except I thought it might be too much work for you. May I suggest instead of the whipped cream, making a thick-ish blueberry sauce and dropping a spoonful over the curd. I think blueberries and lemon go so well together. Fresh blueberries would beg for a glaze, but this way you gave fruit and glaze in one dollop.

        2. I just did this for my nephew's wedding. I baked about 32 dozen cookies of 4 types on Thurs night and Friday morning. I made glazed lemon cookies, rosemary walnut shortbread, brownie bites and apricot foldovers.

          The first two are refrigerator cookies so I made them the week before. I sliced and baked the lemon ones on Thursday night and glazed them before going to bed. The brownie bites I made Thursday night and glazed Friday morning. I baked the rosemary walnut on Friday morning since they weren't glazed just rolled in turbinado sugar.

          For apricot foldover I made the dough and filling a couple of weeks before and the weekend before I rolled the dough, filled the cookies and froze them on sheet pans. When they were frozen I put them in a plastic bag. Friday morning I just put them on the baking sheet and popped them in the oven.

          1. Spritz cookies. My recipe makes 6 dozen using half the recipe. Also, the dough is easily coloured and the press makes so many shapes. When I need a lot I avoid bar cookies because you don't get that many out of a pan. Lemon poppyseed cookies make about 6 or 7 dozen too.