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Apr 29, 2012 10:34 PM

L.A. area Hound visiting Philadelphia in June

I'm stopping in Philadelphia on my way to a business trip in Chicago the first week in June in order to visit the new Barnes. I'll be arriving at 9p on a Saturday night, leaving the following Tuesday afternoon. I'll be staying downtown (Marriott) and I will not have a car. I prefer to walk places, but taxi or train OK. I need late dinner or snack suggestion for Saturday, and then Sunday and Monday dinner picks, as well as breakfast/brunch suggestions. Price not really a concern. And given where I am coming from, I'll probably have no need for Mexican or Asian food. Spanish? Southern? Most anything really good. Thanks.

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  1. There are four spanish tapas restaurants worth checking out. Jamonera is probably the one closest to your hotel on 13th street. They are open late and might be a place to go your first night. The three others are Amada, Tinto and Bar Ferdinand. The first two are Jose Garces restaurant. The last is in the Northern Liberties neighborhood which also is home to one of the better BYOs in the city Koo Ze Doo which does Portugese inspired food. You definitely have to get to the Reading Terminal Market for breakfast or lunch. In the RTM, the Dutch Eating Place is a great place for breakfast and DiNics serves a great roast pork sandwich with sharp provolone and broccoli rabe. I personally do not think "southern" cuisine is well represented in Philadelphia (we are Yanks and north of the Mason Dixon Line). That said, you might try Percy Street BBQ on South Street. Jack's Firehouse in Fairmount is another place where you will find southern inspired food. If you like Middle East inspired food Zahav is a good bet. Recent James Beard winner, they do modern israeli food. The lamb is very good as is their tayim tasting menu is good. If you give us other types of ideas of foods that interest you i am sure folks on here will provide some good feedback.

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      Khyber Pass Pub and Catahoula do good southern and cajun food too, the former with a killer beer list to boot (and the caveat that the latter hasn't been as good since the original chef left, but they still kick out good po' boys, fried oysters, and shrimps). Fergies Pub near the hotel also has a great Carolina style pulled pork sandwich too, its real smoked, the Bebe's BBQ recipe if anyone remembers that place. The rest of the menu is pretty poor though. They serve late. Also not far from the hotel and serving late is Good Dog, for the stuffed burger, cheesesteak empanadas, and great fries. Barbuzzo, across the street from Jamonera also serves until at least midnight I'm pretty sure and does good mediterranean small plates. Pretty much everything will be open until 11pm on a saturday night btw.

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        Thanks. I knew about the Jose Garces places, and wanted to see what the locals thought of him. I like most everything, so I was looking for what was best in your area. My mention of Spanish and Southern was only because these cuisines are perhaps not as well represented here in L.A., while Asian, Mexican, and Italian most certainly are. I'll probably go with at least one of the Spanish/tapas places. Zahav sounds intriguing, as does Ko Zee Doo. (We take BYO for granted out here, but I won't have my cellar with me, of course.)

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          Mid-trip feedback: Jamonera first night was very good, and super-covenient. From plane (landing at 9:10p) to train to Marriott to dinner at 10:30p. Breakfast today at Famous Fourth Street Deli (on 19th Street), after finding Dutch Eating Place closed. (No one mentioned that they close Sunday AND Monday!) Fantastic meal at Zahav tonight! Can't say enough good things. Tinto tomorrow night, and DEP for breakfast on Tuesday before leaving for Chicago.

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            I'm afraid you'll find that the Dutch Eating Place is closed on Tuesday as well. The Amish places at the market are open Wednesday through Saturday only. You might try Cafe Estelle on North Fourth Street for breakfast. It's not on the online menu, but I think they make their own scrapple - if you're interested in that traditional Pennsylvania breakfast meat. It's a short cab ride from your hotel ...

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              There's a new Green Eggs Cafe just a few blocks from the Marriott (212 S. 13th St ). They do a great breakfast and open at 8am.

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                Actually, DEP is now open on Tuesday. Great blueberry pancakes and apple french Toast. Now on a plane to Chicago with Dinics pork sandwich to go about to be enjoyed

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                  I'll be darned. I eat at DEP weekly and had no clue they were open on Tuesdays. Thanks for posting that. Hope you liked DiNic's (catch them on the Food Network Wednesday night).

                  As an aside, while in Chicago make sure to fill up on Garrett's popcorn and Carol's Cookies (they have the latter at Whole Foods).

                  1. re: bluehensfan

                    You'll see a little hand written notice on a blackboard above the cash register area stating that as of January 31 they are open on Tuesdays. All other signage, as well as all information on the web that I found, stated Wed-Sat. DiNics was mighty good, especially at 30,000 feet! And yes, as I am quite familiar with Chicago, I alway manage a trip to a Garretts. This trip will be highlighted by a (final) trip to Charlie Trotters, which is closing in August after 25 years.

                    As for my other Philadelphia dining: Zahav was the standout. Tinto and Jamonera were both quite good, the budino down the street from Jamonera was tasty (but not as good as at Mozza back home in Hollywood), and the deli at Famous Fourth Street right up there with NYC.