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Apr 29, 2012 09:48 PM

Former Lexingtonian

Former Lexingtonian will be in town this coming weekend and I need
a good restaurant to take several family members out for a casual meal.
I prefer to eat non processed local foods - I've lived towards the West
coast for 10 years so my standards have been changed! I am familiar
with AZUR, but that is about it. Any place else I should try??

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  1. I know I missed your trip, how was it? There are so many new places downtown that I hope you found. Azur happens to me one of my favorites! Hope you had a good visit!

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    1. re: Roadpony

      Thanks. My flights ended up being delayed almost 12 hours :(
      Lunch plans turned into dinner plans then were cancelled altogether.
      I ended up ordering a Donato's pizza to my hotel - not exactly
      Organic, but a past familiar taste. Hope to return to visit family
      later this year, if You have other suggestions!!