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Apr 29, 2012 09:31 PM

vinny's groupon

have a groupon for vinny's in somerville that expires on wednesday. had hoped to use it earlier, but life intervened.

anyway, sunday hours weren't listed on their website (which is often down due to insufficient bandwidth, but that's another story). so i call and am told they're open 3-10 on sundays. we get there at 7:40 and are told there's is an hour wait, then the guy disappears into the dining room before we can ask if we can join the people already eating at the bar.

another couple arrives. since there's no one to greet them, we tell them it's an hour wait. after 10-15 minutes, the first guy returns and we ask about eating at the bar. he tells us no, they're shorthanded, and oh yeah, they close at 8pm, which is to say, 5 minutes. i tell him i was told 10pm. he asks who told me that. i said, "whoever answered the phone we i called a few days ago."

so, no osso bucco, and i'm going to lose all but the face value of my groupon since getting there before 5/2 is impossible.

any suggestions?

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  1. You can get a refund from Groupon.

    1. From my experience, over the past 2+ years, since Vinny's has been offering buy-one get-one or groupon offers, it has gone down hill.

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      1. re: treb

        BTW, just to clarify - are we discussing Lil Vinny's or Vinny's at Night? I know there were a lot of complaints about Lil Vinny's' Groupons, before its demise.

        I went to ViN about 3 months ago - seemed the same as it ever was - good chow.

          1. re: Bob Dobalina

            I would say the OP should be glad it didn't work out, and only cost 20 dollars to boot. We took the same groupon there about a month ago and it was truly a fiasco, the worst restaurant fiasco I've had in Boston. At the time, waiting an hour to be seated was not a problem and was largely expected, but in retrospect it was a sign of things to come. We sat down and the waiter took our drink order quickly, no problem. Twenty minutes passed before he returned to take our food order. We ordered two arancini and two pasta dishes. We noticed that the people behind us who sat down thirty minutes before us had not received their food. We noticed that the people behind them who had sat down even earlier were not eating either. The couple next to us (seated before us) received their appetizer, it looked good. Twenty minutes passed. They still hadn't received their main courses, we hadn't received our arancini. Twenty minutes more passed. The people behind us were finally eating, but the guys next to us seemed to be into the double digits in wine glass consumption, and still none of the dessert they had ordered. Twenty minutes more passed. The waiter brought our entrees. I asked about the arancini, which they had forgotten about. I told him not to worry about it, just to leave them off the bill. The entrees were good, hot, etc. I wasn't blown away by the food itself but it would have been more then fine had the service not been so absent. We didn't dwell on it, we enjoyed our entrees, which sat in front of us for a long time before being cleared. We considered dessert, we considered that it had been three hours and we wanted to go home. We got the bill, the arancini were on the bill. I pointed this out to another waiter, the first I could grab. "What do you mean you didn't get the arancini??" They took them off, it took a bit more time.

            We finally escaped. The nice guy out front, as if at the end of a bad joke, said, "Worth the wait, huh!?" Something was amiss in that kitchen.

              1. re: Bob Dobalina

                I started making plans with the couple next to us to run out through the back door, but then I realized they were drunk and maybe not the best co-conspirators.

                1. re: hckybg

                  Such a positive reaction - love it.