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Apr 29, 2012 09:21 PM

What's in your freezer

I am not much of a freezer person, but I want to be. I have a few items, like some Trader Joes, raviolis, and bags of half used frozen veggies. I do use items out of the freezer, but I could use the freezer alot more than I do. I cook fresh and shop regularly for food. I know about freezing soups and such. But I think my problem is planning and really knowing how to freeze food properly and using it more than I do. I am tired of looking into this abyss. Looking for some advice.

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  1. There's lots of meat (we buy through the internet, direct with the farm for most of our meat). And fish, of course. And frozen veg. And leftovers. And bread that my partner's made that isnt going to be immediately eaten.

    1. I use the freezer for things that are on sale at a deep discount. Mostly meat. Or whatever you like to serve, just watch the weekly flyers. You will cut your food bills by at least half, if you are not doing this yet.

      If I know I won't use it for several months, I seal it with a Food Saver. But most stuff, if it's not already cryovaced, I wrap in Saran and then heavy duty foil, and label with a magic marker. When you take it out, you can reuse the foil since it didn't touch anything. Otherwise Ziplock for things that don't get freezer burn easily. Oh and once you get going, don't forget to keep an inventory list so things don't get forgotten.

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        Same here, sale items mostly meat with a dry erase board listing contents of the freezer.

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          I use the freezer for things that are on sale at a deep discount. Mostly meat

          Same here as well. After cooking the meat.....the leftovers get made into homemade TV dinners of sorts and soups.....the latter which is made and half is frozen as well.

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            While I would love to have the TV dinner like trays waiting for me to take to work, but they take up sooo much space! (I only have 7 cu ft chest freezer).

            Then again with a man in the house, leftovers don't last that long.

        2. Since it's just DH and I, and we don't eat dinner during the week most of the time, I don't keep a lot of frozen un-cooked meat. However, during the summer, we will buy one of those 3 lb value packs of boneless chicken breasts and grill them. I wrap them in bundles of 2 and that way we can make a quick salad by defrosting them and slicing them up to put over greens. I can also used the cooked chicken (chopped up) to make a quick chili.

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            Oh I forgot, yeah leftovers are the best thing to save. Repurpose them, make chili or soup or whatever when you have time. Or preplated homemade TV dinners, for when you don't feel like cooking. I used to throw so much food away.

          2. Funny thing is I'm in the process of a freezer clean up and was so surprised at all the things I have been hoarding and summarily forgot about.
            4 bags of Chicharron from Sabu.
            2 lbs of ground pork.
            2 lbs of Portuguese butter.
            1 box of Deep potato and pea samosas.
            Ikea meatballs and crapes.
            Several logs of compound butters.
            Several containers of home made meat sauce and Pesto.
            Young Coconut pulp.
            1 bottle of Stoli encased in ice.
            3 lbs of Boudin Noir smuggled in from Montreal.
            Ziplock bags of chicken bones,mushroom and leek ends for stock.
            Small bottle of Civet coffee beans which I don't have the heart to drink.

            Not exactly the makings for a decent freezer party but I venture stranger things have been discovered in household freezers.

            1. i have very few items in my freezer:

              1 bag of frozen green beans
              1/2 loaf of bread
              english muffins
              4 fat-free vanilla yogurts (my "ice cream" snack)
              over-ripe bananas