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Apr 29, 2012 09:06 PM

Albuquerque suggestions needed

We'll be in Albuquerque next week for 2 nights, Sunday May 6 and Monday May 7. We're staying at the Andaluz and while we'll have a car, I HATE driving in strange places at night (and not being able to enjoy a glass of wine...), but my husband can't walk more than 5-10 minutes. So we'll need to rely on taxis if possible.

I've read mixed reviews of the hotel restaurant, Lucia, but none more recent than last year... any new comments?

We want to stick with local fare (Mexican or New Mexican), but for dinner prefer something with a restaurant atmosphere (not diner, coffee shop, or down-scale). I've been looking at recommendations, but it seems like places like Frontier or Los Equipales might be either too far or too casual. Any recommendations given those requirements?

Thanks in advance!!

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  1. There's not much good New Mexican food right in a 10 minute walking range of your hotel. From what I've heard recently the Andaluz restaurant, Lucia, is still hit or miss. The oyster appetizer is the only thing everybody seems always to love.

    New Mexican restaurants in Albuqerque tend to be a bit divey, especially the good ones. One possibility for a more upscale dinner is El Pinto. The food is not great, but the atmosphere is a little more polished than most NM places. It's about a 9 mile ride from your hotel, which will be rather expensive by taxi. In the area of your hotel, some nice restaurants that are not New Mexican are Seasons, Artichoke Cafe (not at all cafe-like in atmosphere), Standard Diner (casual, but not the least bit divey, with some Southwestern twists to the food), You might also want to try some restaurants in the University/Nob Hill area, 2 to 3 miles away -- Nob Hill Bar & Grill (they call themselves an "upscale joint" and serve updated versions of comfort food and Southwestern food) and Zinc are two that come to mind.

    For really good NM food with no frills and a dumpy atmosphere, -- Mary & Tito's is my favorite. Duran's and Cecilia's are two other local favorites, but, again, not the least bit fancy.

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      Don't care for Standard Diner - it is just standard.
      Taxi's are hard to come by here [can't just stand outside and wave one down] and expensive. There are many good restaurants in Nob Hill and on Central close to your hotel. It would be a straight shot down Central.

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        One final question on taxis... if the hotel or restaurant calls one, do the taxis take credit cards?