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Apr 29, 2012 07:46 PM

Hidden Gem's in or around the city

Looking for a mid-range place for a nice dinner with some girlfriends... tasty food is a must, and any cuisine would be fine really. Any places that are your neighbourhood gems, that don't get a lot of attention other than word of mouth??? We are tired of going to the same places or hearing about the same top restaurants that everyone recommends. A tasty Mom & Pop restaurant would be awesome, ideally within the city or just on the outskirts (not suburbs)...


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  1. I think bistro Camino fits nicely into the category.

    1. I'm a big fan of Zocalo. They just rolled out their spring menu and I'm excited to try it.

      1. How about Universal Grill ( on Dupont just east of Ossington. They have a great neighbourhood feel and they always have a couple of fish options on the specials board. It is definitely not a see-and-be-seen place but they have some good cocktails and I love the atmosphere.

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          Universal Grill, at Dupont and Shaw St., is certainly a gem, but it's not exactly a hidden gem. It has been around too long for that. Though it doesn't advertise much, it doesn't have to - even those outside its neighbourhood know about it. I've never taken a bad mouthful there over the years. Imaginative, well-executed menu at what passes for mid-level prices nowadays. Ribs especially good. Tasty soups and salads. Rather high wine prices can be avoided on Sunday nights, when no corkage is charged on bring-your-own wine. As ComerDemonio attests above, it has a wonderful neighbourhood feel, not much different from decades past, when it was a diner and soda fountain that I used to drop in to every now and then on the way home from high school.

        2. The original comment has been removed