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Apr 29, 2012 07:02 PM

Dip Challenge

Our office does a "food" day once a month with each person in charge of the theme of the month. My challenge is to make a meal out of various dips. I am looking for any and all suggestions, with the main course dip being my main concern. So, what ya' got for me?!?!?

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  1. There's nam prik - a Thai dish (or rather, class of dishes) that involves a spicy, fairly complex sauce, into which you dip various vegetables and meats. The cookbook "Cracking the Coconut" has a nice recipe. That could make a substantial main dish.

    Or do fondue, if you can figure out how to serve it for multiple people.

      1. My sister would be in heaven at your office. Dips are her favorite food in the world but she thinks it's too indulgent to make a whole meal of them.

        For a main course dip, I'd go with a Buffalo Chicken Dip. Here's one thread on a version of that recipe, with lots of comments

        Some of our family favorites were Hot Pizza Dip and Hot Bean Dip. We served these for years at my family's B&B in Key West and both were always a hit. Both start with a block of cream cheese spread in a pie pan (let it sit on the counter to soften and then put the block in the pan with a piece of saran wrap over the top and push/squish it to spread evenly). For Pizza Dip, spread it with pizza sauce and then shredded mozzerella cheese. For Bean Dip, spread it with a can of beans (preferably Bush's Bold and Spicy) and then shredded cheddar cheese. Bake either/both dips at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes- until it's bubbling hot. Serve with tortilla chips.

        1. fondue for a main. i've had success in crock pots. or shabu shabu?

          if i could i'd eat all of my food in dip and dumpling form.

          or you could make french dip sandwiches.

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            Lol! If I could I'd eat all my food in appetizer or sandwich form!

          2. Are these tortilla chip/bread pieces dips supposed to be main dishes or are they better suited to be snacks while watching some sport event or similar? Some, like the bean dip mentioned, it says it is supposed to be served warm, do that mean it is not suited for longer (snack) events 2+ hours? And if they do work well as a main course, are they supposed to be THE main course or be served WITH the main course?

            The reason for asking is because I have yet to experience many dips and this thread made me hungry for some but I am not sure whether I should serve this as a dinner or in front of the tv on a weekend! Would it be proper to serve five of these dips at once or only serve one kind?

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              I think people are calling them "main course dips" because they are hearty and could serve as a main course in a dip-themed meal. I don't think they qualify as an actual dinner dish, but at the same time, they're too rich to serve alongside a "real" dinner. If it were a buffet party with heavy snacks I'd want to make sure I had other lighter options... you can certainly fill up on these but they are very rich. You're not really meant to sit down and go to town on it. But you certainly can. If it's just family watching TV, sure, we have nachos for dinner once in a blue moon, why not.