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Where is the best Korean BBQ restaurant?

not so much expensive, quality food with good ambience?
any suggestion?
i want TRUE/Traditional Korean BBQ.

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  1. I think for Korean BBQ, you get what you pay for. TRUE Korean BBQ places do not come cheap. What do you consider inexpensive?

    1. Seor Ak San was recommended by friends and I found their Kalbi to be decent. It is not pricey as well (they are more popular for bibimbap but their Spicy Kalbi was good)

      1. Sariwon is good. Yonge north of Steeles. Not all you can eat. Not cheap either but great food.

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          I think all the all-you-can-eat ones are run by Chinese.

          Didn't know Seor Ak San does BBQ, I like that place, will try it some day.

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            Not all of them are Chinese

        2. Looking for updated recommendations. Downtown-ish preferred.

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            Bump. Apart from sariwon (which I've tried), do any korean bbq places stand out?

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              Really curious if there are any updated recommendations in the north York/Markham area

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                Chingu at Highway 7/West Beaver Creek. Seems to be Korean-owned. Very good AYCE, my only complaint is small portions meant constant re-ordering from waiters.

          2. I would recommend Seoul House close to Yorkdale for their beef cuts (haven't tried their sam gyoup sal). The bite when combining their kalbi, miso paste, and diced lettuce salad is near perfection.