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Apr 29, 2012 06:09 PM

CSAs near Rochester MI ? [dtw]

Last year, we had a great CSA at the Rochester Farmers' Market. But, they aren't going to participate this year. Anyone have any good personal experience with a local CSA? I don't want to drive too far, but am desperate, so I'll entertain all possibilities at this point!

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  1. About 4-5 years ago I belonged to Maple Creek Farm. It's a CSA in the thumb but they deliver once per week to many sites in the area. My pick up was on a Thursday from someone's front porch in Troy. My box would be ready for me and you could swap out if there was something you didn't care for that week. It was a nice experience and forced me to cook with veggies I had never even eaten before. My only disappointment was I seemed to get a lot of the same stuff, which could get boring..they said it wasn't a good year for them.

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      Yeah, my only complaint about last year's was that there were a LOT of beets every week. I don't like beets. But, there were lots and lots of other good things too. I hope I can find one. I will look into Maple Creek.

      1. re: IndyGirl

        I'll gladly take your beets.
        Sorry, I don't have a rec. The place I used was not that good (except for the eggs), and probably not even in business anymore, so I'm just going to hit Saturday markets and buy what I want this year.
        Maple Creek seems like a solid place though.

      2. re: grouper

        Check on Maple Creek - I think they had a family issue and stopped delivering last year. I don't know if they are back up and running yet. That said, I participated in their CSA in the past and had a good experience - it also turned me on to some new greens.