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Dave & Romero's Texas Best BBQ-Studio City/Sherman Oaks

Just stumbled upon some amazing BBQ, these guys setup daily 3-8pm daily in the parking lot of a small grocery store on the corner of Moorpark & Coldwater.

I met the owner Dave just now after having my meal, these guys are pit master TX champions cooking on those big cookers you see on cookout shows.

You choose your meats and sides and its all to go for $15.00

I shall return, here's some photos I just took too.




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  1. Looks great. Brisket, ribs, potato salad and bbq beans - what's the verdict?

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    1. re: bulavinaka

      I went for the Beef ribs which were quite tasty, though I prefer pork of the two. I also had the tri-tip which was cooked perfectly. The owner gave me a taste of both the chicken & pork links which both had a nice snap to them. For my sides I chose the potatoe salad & baked beans, both quite tasty. Next time I will try the garlic potatoe slices and maybe some bbq asparagus. The owner was raving about the pasta salad dish just cooked too. They are out nightly, not just weekends.

      1. re: Hypnotic23

        > They are out nightly, not just weekends.

        Except for Monday and Tuesday, according to their website.

        1. re: Peripatetic

          I went tonight, Wednesday 12/12/2012 and they were not there. The guy inside the store said only on the weekends now.

          1. re: orythedog

            They now have a brick and mortar store on Riverside Drive at Laurel Canyon (old Pat's restaurant, next to the bar)

    2. Yes, they have been there for around 6 months, but generally on the weekends only, at the M&M Market. It looks fly-by-night to drive by.
      Glad you had the nerve to try it out.
      I still get my quarterly fix of ribs at the Boneyard!

      1. Thanks for the heads up. Did they mention if they carry all meats all the time? Also, do they sell the meats ala carte or is the combo the only option?

        1. My wife bought an entire tri-tip and I thought it was a bargain ($39.95) and cooked to med-rare. Love BB as a restaurant but would not hesitate to get food for the house at this location.

          1. thanks for the heads up cause all the BBQ joints in the valley or anywhere for that matter have long ago gone away

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            1. re: iL Divo

              smoke city in sherman oaks is very good. beef ribs, brisket, and pastrami are all very good at smoke city.

              i've been tempted to try texas best everytime i drive by it but haven't yet. will need to do so soon.

              1. re: cdub

                Agree, smoke city is very good. I go there when I have a doctors appointment down the street. But I believe that is Van Nuys, not SO.

                1. re: Dirtywextraolives

                  i think you're right though it's probably close to each border.

                  i always thought the chicken was smoke city's weakest.

                  the chicken at texas best was really good.

                  1. re: cdub

                    Oh, yes, it's def close, just know that my doc's formal address says Van Nuys, and he's about two blocks away, right off the freeway.

                    I have never tried the chicken, not usually something I order at BBQ restos, I order the things that i don't make as well, since I no longer have a smoker, like brisket & pastrami. I do really like their pastrami, though.

                    1. re: cdub

                      "i think you're right though it's probably close to each border. "

                      That's what is called a distinction without a difference...(If you're talking apartment rents it may well be important though). ;-D>

                      1. re: Servorg

                        You could ask the mayors of Sherman Oaks and Van Nuys -- they could probably tell you. Interestingly, they are both named Antonio Villaraigosa.

                2. re: iL Divo

                  The Boneyard Bistro has not only NOT gone away, but is doing a better business than you should expect. It is not your hole-in-the-wall BBQ joint that you typically envision, but the 'cue is good, the ambiance more upscale, yet the prices are not that different.
                  Maybe that is why they are packed nearly every night.
                  Also, fried chicken on Mondays, and a very good selection of both beer & wine.

                  1. re: carter

                    while i do respet your opinion, i have never left boneyard thinking i got a great meal and the money was well spent.

                    i've never felt that their bbq was that great. their food is pretty expensive.

                    they do have an impressive beer list. their cocktail program is in desperate need of an upgrade. considering the liqour list that they carry, i always wish they'd put more time into making really good craft cocktails.

                    they are always busy but so are cheesecake factories...

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                      Would you say it's better than Mr. Cecil's? i'm trying to get a comparison and learn what the difference is between the two.

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                        I found Boneyard Bistro to be woeful—mediocre BBQ, way overpriced, bad service, the whole lot. We always welcome a new BBQ option around these parts, and have found something to like at each, except for Boneyard Bistro.

                        1. re: farmertomato

                          What about their Deep Fried Mac & Cheese? Also DUG the Cowboy Rib-Eye and Onion Ring Tower.

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                            But I do have to say the last time I went it just was not that great. And their prices
                            keep creeping up. However, in the past (maybe within the first year or two in operation),
                            they did make a great sundae and great special Venison topped with a slab of seared foie
                            gras and an exceptional spicey BBQ sauce. Does anyone happen to remember this dish ? Even
                            roughly five or six years ago, the venison special was about 40 dollars.

                              1. re: Dirtywextraolives

                                Just a little bit of backstory context.

                                Perhaps it's not relevant.

                          2. re: carter

                            I still have to say for the Valley (at least), it's Smoke City. Though I do have a soft spot for Mom's BBQ, especially their fresh from the box, Duncan Hines-style layer cakes made the only way possible: the old fashioned way.

                        2. I just tried their bbq chicken. it's pretty damn good. Skin was nice and rendered crisp. Juicy as all hell. Some of the best that ive had in a while. worth a visit just for the chicken

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                          1. re: cdub

                            Thanks for the update, cdub, (I love good bbq chicken). I was looking at the Yelp reviews too. Stuart's original review here and the thread make this a very strong SFV contender for cue. I just don't get out that way enough, but if I do I'll be sure to stop in.

                            What time were you there and how was the crowd/wait?

                            1. re: Servorg

                              no real crowd. there were just a few people in line but the guys are super friendly. if you're coming from far out, i'd stick to the chicken and tri tip here. i'd go to smoke city for any brisket or beef ribs. i haven't had the baby backs so i can't comment on them.

                              really nice guys who'll give you samples of basically anything before you get it.

                              i love a good bbq chicken and this was one of the best that i've had in a while. caught me by surprise since i wasn't looking for something that good.

                              another point i should make is that they're really just a take out operation. there's no place to eat there other than on the top of your car's hood.

                              1. re: cdub

                                "i'd stick to the chicken and tri tip here"

                                Oof. what a bummer. OTOH, there's nothing wrong with eating off the trunk/hood.

                                1. re: TonyC

                                  Just had another amazing meal to go at this spot!

                                  Chicken & baby back ribs, 2 dish combo for $15, for sides I went with the BBQ corn & baked beans.

                                  The owner tossed in a sausage for me to try.

                                  Love their food, true BBQ

                              1. re: Servorg

                                Maybe I need my eyes checked, but both responses that you highlight are speaking of the brisket at Smoke City, which I have already tried. I was asking if anyone has tried the brisket at Dave & Romero's.......

                                1. re: Dirtywextraolives

                                  I've had the brisket at the new place (Texas Best BBQ.) It was the best I've ever had in my life. Just shockingly good.

                            1. just curious...how is their sauce? spicy? I like me some spicy cue'!

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                              1. re: orythedog

                                their spicy isn't that spicy. probably about the same level as bludso's. with that said, i still don't think they're open anymore. I haven't seen them in at least a few months.

                              2. Just drove by a Texas Best BBQ grand opening sign on a storefront on Riverside near Laurel Canyon. I guess they're going legit.

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                                1. re: Helper Monkey

                                  The interesting thing is that bbq is back at hardys Market but now they have a tiny sign that says bbq at hardys market. Possibly a falling out. The bbq always used to have a big sign that said Texas best bbq before

                                  1. re: cdub

                                    As a random aside, that market makes really good carved meat sandwiches.

                                  2. re: Helper Monkey

                                    Yes, they have opened in that location on Riverside Drive adjacent to Pat's cocktail lounge just west of the corner of Laurel Canyon. Used to be another operation specializing in pastrami that long ago 'hounds felt was worthy, but they are gone & these guys took their place.

                                    1. re: carter

                                      I found a link on the new store front location which I'm looking forward to trying:


                                  3. I am dying to try some of these BBQ. I just call to see if they are open tonight. They told me that they are only open weekends now.

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                                    1. re: Ashibi

                                      Did you call the market where they used to be, or did you call the new location on Riverside Drive near Laurel Canyon?
                                      Cannot imagine a brick & mortar restaurant only being open on weekends.
                                      I went by the M&M Market late this afternoon, and their "replacement bbq" was not operating, and that may be because it only operates on weekends.

                                      1. re: carter

                                        The replacement is Hardy's Best BBQ open Sat and Sun 1-7. Very good. Going back today.

                                    2. Had the brisket sandwich here yesterday and it was the best I can remember having. Large, moist chunks of tender meat, which is not easy to achieve with brisket. At another valley spot I was at recently (much celebrated on chowhound), the meat was so dry they had to shred it and drown it in bbq sauce. If your brisket sandwich looks like pulled pork, you know it's not the real deal.

                                      1. Went by the latest iteration of Texas Best BBQ over the weekend. We got two of the $20, "three meat, 2 side" combos. Sides; mac & cheese, slaw, potato salad and beans, meats; beef ribs, pork ribs and brisket.

                                        The folks were very friendly and gave us a lot of food for the money, close to 5lbs. The beef ribs and brisket were as good as anything I've had anywhere else in LA. Not quite F-me-delicious but definitely fit t'eat. The pork ribs were tasty but chewy and a little dry (although it WAS the end of the night so, maybe they'd been sitting for awhile and will require a re-taste)

                                        Of the sides, we liked the slaw best, it was tangy, creamy and crunchy, everything you'd want a slaw to be. The mac & cheese and potato salads were fine but not memorable, the beans were similar to Ranch beans rather than BBQ or baked, which is what we see elsewhere.

                                        I'd give them a B grade and will definitely go back. Good to have another choice in the valley.

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                                        1. re: Steve2 in LA

                                          haven't been to the new location but if their chicken is as good as it was, it may be the best thing on the menu. wasn't particularly impressed with the brisket or the beef ribs, especially compared to smoke city. their chicken, however, was fricken amazing.

                                          1. re: cdub

                                            Smok,e City is exceptional.

                                          2. re: Steve2 in LA

                                            Ok, this thread is thoroughly confusing.

                                            What's the location ? address ? hours ?

                                            I'm now pretty tempted but the thread is beyond confusing with different names, locations, hours, etc. or maybe I will just give up.

                                            But those beef ribs and brisket sound really good, if it's almost as good as big mista then that is cause for celebration.

                                            1. re: kevin

                                              Dave & Romero's Texas Best BBQ, 12123 Riverside (corner of Riverside and Laurel Canyon).

                                              1. re: beastfan

                                                Here's a photo of their menu. Hours are 11:30-9:30 daily (I think) No discernible phone number though.

                                          3. people on Yelp said it was closed?

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                                            1. re: suelassman

                                              The original outdoor spot on Moorpark is closed, the brick and mortar place on Riverside IS open. Check it out.

                                              1. re: Steve2 in LA

                                                Actually, the original place on Moorpark is open Sat and Sun and is run by Romero's nephew, who was trained by Romero and does the same recipes. Its called Hardy's Best. He also told me that Romero recently sold the place on Riverside and moved back to Texas.

                                                1. re: Thor123

                                                  I was just there last week. Romero's partner still runs the place on Riverside. It was excellent! The chicken was amazing and the brisket just perfect. And the sauce was some of the best I have tasted.

                                                  1. re: beastfan

                                                    Have you been to Hardy's? Wonder how they compare?

                                            2. Hello all, my name is Carl, I am one of the owners of TEXAS BEST BBQ located at 12123 Riverside Dr. in Valley Village.

                                              This thread was started when the inception of this restaurant was located at Coldwater & Moorpark in the market parking lot. It has since relocated to 12123 Riverside Dr. Valley Village 91607.

                                              We are open 7 days a week from 11:30 AM to 9:30 PM, with indoor seating for 24 and outdoor seating for 10.

                                              This is a different operation than the market BBQ place, in that we are open seven days a week and offer indoor seating. You are also allowed to order from us and have a seat next door at PAT'S COCKTAILS so you can enjoy your meal with an adult beverage.

                                              I started this with Dave (of Dave and Romero's) after the city came in and put a halt to the parking lot operation. Dave has since moved back to Texas to take care of family business.

                                              (Pro guitarists are encouraged to bring a guitar and play, I'll be joining in between orders!)

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                                              1. re: Carl_N

                                                Thank you for clarifying this! Hope to visit you soon!

                                                1. re: Carl_N

                                                  Are you doing the same recipes that you did at Hardy's?

                                                  1. re: Thor123

                                                    Very close to the same recipies, with what we think are subtle improvements.

                                                  2. re: Carl_N

                                                    Do you have a website now ?

                                                    Or a copy of the menu posted anywhere ?


                                                    1. re: kevin

                                                      Here is a copy of the current menu. We bought the URL TexasBestBBQ.biz but no web site as of yet.

                                                      1. re: Carl_N

                                                        Cool, will visit soon hopefully by this weekend or next.

                                                  3. i'm going to assume that this is a bad experience but i don't think i'll be back.

                                                    went to texas best in their new location. wanted to have some of their fantastic chicken that i remembered. smokey, charred skin.

                                                    however, it's completely different. over sauced. not very smokey. cold. got a 3 meat and only got 2. didn't realize it til i got home. had the tri tip instead of brisket at their recommendation. it was cold and dry. drove 10 minutes. not nearly long enough that it should be cold and dry.

                                                    beans were good but not really the reason i go for bbq. i guess i'm going back to smoke city no matter how much more expensive they are. at least their brisket and beef ribs are consistently good.

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                                                    1. re: cdub

                                                      Hardy's Best in the original spot Moorpark and Coldwater, does a great job and there food stays very hot and travels well. If you call a day before they will do a special brisket.