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Apr 29, 2012 04:55 PM

celery recipes

I have more celery than I can use before it goes limp. I needed it and it was buy one get one andgreedy Suzi couldn't pass up a freebie. So now there is only so many. Peanutbutter stuffed, cream cheese and olive stuffed celery sticks we can eat. Any thoughts?

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  1. This should keep you busy for a while: BTW, one great tip I learned on this site is to wrap celery, unwashed, in aluminum foil. It keeps it fresh for a long time...good luck!

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        The description of the dish in the link is prompting me to add celery to my grocery list -- something I literally never do outside of needing it for soup or stew, because I can't stand it normally.

        Could this finally be the recipe that makes me swoon for that stringy green beast? If so, thanks for posting it!

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          It does look quite tasty. I wouldn't have made that food leap but it sounds nice, and far from the usual suspects

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            I'm the same way, but I roasted some "what do I do with the rest" celery recently with potatoes and carrots and really liked it. I will give this one a try too!

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          1. cream of celery soup from epicurious. If you don't have celeriac, just use extra potato, or some carrot works well too.

            1. When I get too much celery from my CSA (which is every time I get celery, really) I cut it into 3 inch lengths and put it in the dehydrator for a few days until leathery. Then, when i want it for soup, I just reach into a ziplock and pull out what I need.

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                Do you store them in the fridge or in the pantry?