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Apr 29, 2012 04:45 PM

Restaurant Zoe

Had dinner at Restaurant Zoe for the second time during Dine Out for Life. This was one of the best meals I have had in Seattle in a while! Even the non-stand outs were above average.
Let me start with service. It was so nice not being treated as if the restaurant was doing us a favor by feeding us. Our server was warm and knowledgeable about both the wine list and the menu. He really helped make the evening lovely.

My Boola cocktail was delicious and refreshing after a hard day. Admittedly the “hyper-locality” of the gin did make me feel a bit like I was in an episode of Portlandia but maybe that was just the company. ;)

We had all “snacks” and small plates and many were great all were better than average. Started with a special duck confit appetizer with cold celeriac pure, and frites with bernaise. YUM I had never had cold celeriac in puree formed before but it was really delicious with the confit, & who doesn’t love fried potatoes!!!!!

2 salads came next one asparagus with a smoked duck egg, although the egg could have used some salt (no salt on the table so…) It was delicious. Roasted endive with apricot was a real stand out; the endive was creamy and paired with the tartness of the apricots. I was one happy boy.

Finally lab ribs w/black lentils and tamarind, probably my favorite dish of the evening and I don’t usually like lentils. Meat was tender, tart, fatty superb. Gnudi (YUM) papradelle with Bolognese was the least interesting dish of the evening but still better then much of what we see in Seattle.

3 desserts a chocolate orb with coco sabl delicious, peanut macaroons (my favorite I could eat them by the dozen) and buttermilk panna cotta. All of which were outstanding!
4 big boys left very satisfied. My dining companions and I had recently eaten at another restaurant on the Hill that is garnering much praise. Which we were VERY unimpressed with, I said to them as we were leaving “that meal was ½ the price of @1=^4@ and none of the attitude.” I really can’t wait to go back.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed it Charles. I recently ate their with my wife and had the exact opposite experience. The service was abysmal, the food was mediocre, and I definitely expected more for the price.

    I loved them when they were down in Belltown and was excited for them to move up to the hill, but it will be a while before I decide to venture back. Hopefully my experience was an isolated incident.

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      I've been there now a few times. It was a bit shaky in the beginning but they're finding their sea legs now it seems. My last visit was great. I know that new businesses need time to iron out the wrinkles. In my years of supporting Zoe, I've had mostly terrific experiences. When they've failed, they've always been gracious and generous in trying to fix any issues. For that they've won me over knowing they'll always look out for my experience.
      Give'em another chance.

    2. Thanks for posting. I was a huge fan of the Belltown location and am anxious to try the new venue.