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Apr 29, 2012 03:29 PM

Boston Fish Share

Hey Chowhounds! I recently discovered a couple of fish shares in the Boston area - one called Cape Cod Fish Share and another called Cape Ann Fresh Catch. I'm wondering which is better...I'm looking at this from all sides (sustainability of their practices, freshness of fish, value, etc.). Anybody have feedback about either?

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  1. Our neighbors are doing the Cape Ann CSA and have been really happy with it. We are picking it up this week from Busa Farm while they're out of town. I'd be happy to report back!

    1. I did Cape Ann with friends for a year. It was great fun and the fish was fantastically fresh. I grew up fishing and worked my way through college cleaning fish to I do know fresh. We opted for whole fish and our pals turned the frames and heads into great fish stock and shared it with us.

      I would do it again if I had a share, clean and cook partner. I don't have a car and getting to the locations each week, or even being here to use the fish each week is the current issue for me.


      1. I did Cape Ann Fresh Catch (sharing with a neighbor) for many seasons before taking a break recently due to several months of loads of travel. The freshness is beyond belief and I felt the value was there, particularly with the whole fish option. I don't feel very qualified to judge about sustainability, but felt that they cared about the long-term survival of the industry which of course does depend on the fish stocks thriving.

        1. Did either of you find the selection of fish repetitive? What kind of variety did you end up getting or was it only one or two throughout the season? I thought I had read in another thread that it ended up being only one or two species of fish.

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            The two times I have done the Cape Ann share, there has been a lot of cod, but also haddock, dabs, flounder and monkfish.

          2. I have done the Cape Ann share for a few seasons now and love it. They have many options- whole fish/ filet/ weekly/ every other week- so there are a lot of choices. The fish is always the freshest possible and delicious. If you can't get to the pick up you can arrange delivery thru the folks at Metro Pedal Power. Also, the recent season has offered more fish varieties than the earlier seasons.