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Apr 29, 2012 03:19 PM

Amari's Sandwich Sunday Brunch

I've heard some pretty lousy reports since new ownership took over sometime last year, but I recalled phelana who posts heremention some coworkers have spoken well of the new regime. So, as we were diving by this afternoon we noticed the "Serving Bruch" sign out front and said, "ok, we'l give them one more chance. Having nothing but awful experiences here for dinner under former ownership, we entered with rather low expectation. The place was about 1/2 full at 12:30 in the afternoon. I've always loved the room; confortable, quality materials, nice open kitchen, see-through gas fireplace, etc. It's the food that's always been crummy and far too expensive for what it is.

I still can't speak for dinner, but brunch was very fairly priced and everything was wonderfully prepared! The menu is simple and ala carte. My DW had Eggs Benny for $9.95, I had Eggs Oscar for $11.95. perfectly poached eggs atop a nice mound of lump crab on an english muffin with asparagus. Sauce with hollandaise perfectly. Could not have cooked it better myself.

They start you off with complimentary small bag of italian powered sugar donuts, little, round, and freshly fried and hot! Yummy. Coffee was excellent. Bill was $30 plus $7 tip. Service was pleasant, professional, and efficient.

There were the basic breakfast items one would expect, eggs and bacon, french toast, 12 ounch sirloin steak and eggs which was the most expensive item at only $12.99, The were also several burgers, a few sandwiches, and a broiled fish and seafood newburgh on pasta dish. Worth a repeat visit. I still have my doubts about dinner, but may make the plunge as its just around the corner from me.

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  1. Thanks for the info, CCG. We used to meet my brother's family at Amari one time each summer, but haven't been back in 3 years. Didn't the previous owner go thru a messy divorce? I had a very Chowhound time this past weekend. Friday night at Gina's - not too busy (told to park my own car?), this place has atmosphere dripping off of the walls. Sunday breakfast at HangerB - my first time, as good as advertised, maybe better. Chef Erskine sat with us once it slowed down, very interesting guy. Sunday evening had a fried clam fix at Marathon (no beer until next week). I've never had a bum steer from you, phelana, et al. Keep up thegreat info.

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      Wow, you hit it out of the park with that itinerary!

    2. We were looking forward to going back to Amari's today for a nice brunch. Looked for the menu on line, but the link was dead on the page that proclaims, "We now serve Brunch!" . So we drive there and of course, they are closed. No more brunch evidently. Some owners just don't get it. They gave it no time to build up a following, cancel it with no notice, and don't even bother to change the web site showing little to no regard for the customer. Hard to feel sorry for people like that when they fail at business. I certainly have no interest in their dinner menu with mediocre $18 lasagna, or $23 rubber chicken. Ah well.

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        That's a shame, I was planning on trying it next time I was there.

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          Rte 6A Sandwich, MA. on the Cape.