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Apr 29, 2012 03:17 PM

Costco in Sarasota

does anyone have an opening date for the Costco in Sarasota that is being built where the Dillard's was? I was there a few weeks ago and they were just starting to put walls up. Looking forward to the great prices on wine, meats, etc.

Thanks in advance...

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  1. I'd love to leave an answer for you. I am looking forward to them opening also. I am looking even more forward to Trader Joe's. That is going to be awesome.

    1. I think it scheduled for the first quarter of next year.....
      It seems to be progressing very slow a compared to TJ.....

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      1. re: irwin

        Funny, I passed by TJ and thought the same thing. For a bare bones building it sure seems to be going very slow.

        1. re: Mother of four

          At least TJ's is dried in, (under cover) went snooping around the new COSTCO site today and the superstructure roofing steel looks like it is not fully complete, walls are only half way up etc. I would guess TJ is around Sept. and COSTCO after the new year. Maybe all the commercial building labor is at the Publix project on LBK, that project seems to be in "High Gear"!

          1. re: ospreycove

            Went to. The movie theater Sat and saw all the white stuff, is that the roof?

            1. re: Mother of four

              Yes, I think so. It's a warehouse, so not much to it. I was at the theater Saturday, also, with my kids taking video for a project. Probably saw you!

      2. I travel up to the Brandon Costco every other month. The cashier told me it looks like August 2012!

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            1. re: awm922

              Drove by the new Costco this week and some of the basic steel is up. Its a long way before the roof will be installed. Seems they are going slow, but yet again, its a huge building. I feel its going to be the first quarter of next year...for its grand opening.

            1. re: SusanSmith

              WOW!! Good research; I hope they can make this date!!!!!