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Apr 29, 2012 01:22 PM

Springhouse Drafting Room To Be Andy's Diner

I drove by the old Drafting Room on Bethlehem PIke today and they have a sign up that Andy's Diner is coming soon. A quick google turned up that the building sold for $1.1MM ($0.3MM less than it sold for in 1998) and it's the same Andy's Diner that has a couple of locations in the area, the closest being on Ridge in Conshohocken. I've never eaten there, does anyone have an opinion or any info on the opening timeframe?

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  1. Mediocre pseudo diner food. Nothing to be excited about unless you live in spring house and like properties to be paying taxes.

    1. Odd that there is nothing on the Andy's Diner web site that indicates the opening/potential opening of a new location. Maybe they figured that with the demise of the venerable Pike DIner there was a need in that location? We are going to a wedding this weekend where a number of the guests will be former Drafting Room employees. They were a pretty tight crew & were upset when the place closed.

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      1. re: PattiCakes

        Yay (sarcasm). At least it's not another Italian restaurant.

        1. re: Jdbc

          Well it could have been a GOOD italian restaurant.. something that is STILL in short supply.

          1. re: cwdonald

            Fortunately for me I happen to like "good" Southern Italian-American red sauce joints which usually do not hit too hard on the pocket. We had recently had a midweek light dinner at Mina Cucina in Springhouse. Ok I know many here love the place. A rather small establishment with friendly staff and a few unique items often associated with "better" Italian restaurants. A bowl of puttanesca was extremely over sauced. I would always rather ask for additional then the other extreme. One small, but good, salad doused when requested not dressed. A Caprese with plastic tomatoes, mediocre cheese slices and four of the smallest basil leave I have ever seen. Now I have been buying all these ingredients and KNOW there is good stuff out there. A oven fresh margarita pizza was very good indeed. Ok this started as a comment on high prices and mediocre Italian food. I have digressed. But the shock was a bill of just a bit off $60 is still annoying me for what was just a bit better than a pizza joint meal now add the $12 gratuity for a underworked server and I have come to the conclusion that for red sauce Italian just drop the pretense. Red sauce by any other name is twice the price!

      2. I grew up in the area in the days of The Vineyards, Dori's, The Pike "Family Restaurant" (as I was corrected by the hostess one day - they despised the "diner" designation) and Christopher's - later The Newport House (or was it the other way around??) The area could use a great diner. As for good Italian, San Marco does it but sparingly on my budget considering the outrageous tabs I've encountered. Bring back The Vineyards - a frequent and fondly remembered Sunday dinner destination of childhood .

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        1. re: Chefpaulo

          I think Newport House predated Pikes... as the Pikes sign is still on the long closed building. But my memory only goes back to 1992 when I came to the area.

          1. re: cwdonald

            I think it was The Newport House first. and Pike's predates everything. My grandparents used to take me when I was a little girl back in the fifties (wow, did I just say that?)

            1. re: Jdbc

              Jdbc, I recall the header of the Pike menu saying "Since 1951."

              San Marco is the fourth (maybe fifth?) in a long line of restaurants in the old schoolhouse at Dager and Bethlehem. Before San Marco, it was The Newport House and, before that, Christopher's. Christopher's came in after it was vacant for several years subsequent to The Gallery closing down in the early 70s. I faintly recall another very short-lived venture there but forget the name.

              1. re: Chefpaulo

                Wow, your memory is better than mine. I remember going to the Newport House, but noy Christopher's. It must have been the time of my life when I had no money to spare for dining out.

          2. re: Chefpaulo

            Dori's was a favorite of mine when in that area. I loved their roasted hots served with the meal. Nice place, good food, friendly people. I seem to recall the young family members took over and things seemed to be going nicely. Then there was major auto accident which they barely survived and not long after Dori's was sold. Good spot, no pretense, miss it!

            1. re: Bacchus101

              Bacchus, Wow! I had forgotten all about the horrific accident. Mom and I went there for dinner one evening and found the doors locked at 6 p.m. on a weeknight. We knew something was wrong. Only afterward did we find out about the accident in the Ambler Gazette.

              It was a family favorite and the place where I was first introduced to deep fried calamari. I still hold their rendition as a standard, only matched by Teresa's Cafe in Wayne.
              Love it. and I, too, miss Dori's.

          3. We've always enjoyed Andy's, altho not as much now that they're expanding as when the family owned the Blue Bell Diner. I do wish they would put more emphasis on fresh ingredients, etc, <shrugs> it's standard diner food. I've always really liked their soups, but the last burger I had there was terrible. I think I got someone's well done instead of my medium.
            The place on Ridge pike is busy whenever I go by, so clearly they're doing something right.

            ETA: it will be nice to see the Drafting Room property put to use again. :)