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Apr 29, 2012 12:50 PM

backyard coffee rwc

Great espresso here. Not sure what beans they use. Great hangout,
Beer and wine, panni is the only food.

Great espresso though, all espressos made nicely ristretto.

According to the staff, they use ecco beans.

The location is near the train station but away from downtown, rather the kiss of death.

Seek them out if you're looking for an espresso near rwc. Good stuff.

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  1. espresso and risotto would nicely incorporate my two favorite food groups; but did you mean the espressos are short-pull, ristretto?

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    1. re: Rapini

      Ha. Thanks, edited. I typed this from my phone, which has a way of "correcting errors".

    2. Why do you say you're not sure what beans they use if the staff says Ecco? I guess maybe you are talking about which particular Ecco blend / origin. Or do you disbelieve the staff?

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      1. re: eethan

        I wrote then edited. I believe the staff, it tasted like ecco.

        1. re: bbulkow

          Cool, thanks for the tip. =] I've felt that a really good espresso place is lacking from this particular region.

          1. re: eethan

            They were insulted that I ordered ristretto. Usually when that happens they're snobs - nope, these guys actually know what they're doing - and deserve your business.

            I think The Grind over on ECR is worth a stop, but they're drip specialists.

      2. Update:

        I stopped in on a Saturday morning, and the espresso was not at the same quality I previously described. There's one shorter very punk looking guy with a lot of piercings and intensity. He pulls a great shot - or maybe I just got unlucky. According to Girlfriend, the hot chocolate is "nothing special" at best --- pedestrian, compared to Barrone, Coupa.

        The place has added quite a few beer taps. Racer 5, Red Rocket, Steelhead, Blouder Never Summer, etc. They stay open late, sometimes closing in the early afternoon. They'd like you to stop by in the evening --- and it's more alternative, easier to have a conversation, better for working, not loud like City Pub around the corner.

        I'd like them more if they could add a little more food, which is a requirement for the friday-afterwork-beer I sometimes have with colleagues.

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        1. re: bbulkow

          Been twice, nice atmosphere. But why is the coffee served lukewarm?