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Best patisserie in Paris?

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We live in the Marais, surrounded by local branches of Le Notre, Dalloyau and Mourlot. But it was only when accidentally in the l2th, Avenue Reuilly, that we stumbled on Sebastien Degardin, possibly the best patisserie in town. With the possible exception of Herme, the cakes we bought were the best we've ever tasted. Yet the tiny shop was empty and we gather only full during the holidays. Their versions of such traditional favorites as Paris-Brest were original and delicious, a praline cream and incredible toasted nut topping. Their chocolate pastries equally rich , subtle and original.Many other choices which we'll return to try out. Definitely worth the detour, as their website suggests.

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  1. Thanks! I just made a note of this patisserie.

    1. Stop! You're making me hungry. ;)