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Apr 29, 2012 11:04 AM

Pre-fixe Lunch at Del Posto vs. Maialino...Which one to choose & why?

I am taking a dear friend from out of town to lunch next week. She's been to a number of the top places for lunch in the city (e.g., JG, EMP, Cafe Boulud, etc.). While Italian is not always my first choice, I have made reservations at Del Posto vs. Maialino. I've tried neither. Can some folks help me out with my decision making process? (Note: she is having lunch on Monday at Boulud Sud. I am not sure how relevant this is to how you would direct me.) Most Grateful...Michael

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  1. We've done both and they are very, very different.

    Maialino is much more casual and laidback, whereas Del Posto is more of a production, e.g, they bring a stool for ladies' purses, cover the tablecloth up with napkins as it gets stained, replace your napkins with tongs, etc. The food is equal to me, but you just have to decided whether you want a formal, theatrical lunch or not.

    1. We've not been to Del Posto, but considering that my good friend uwsister just posted the details of a very disappointing lunch there, I'd hesitate to go there.

      We've been to Maialino nearly a dozen times, and the food has always been delicious. As loratliff said, the ambiance is quite casual. So, if you are looking for Italian that's a bit fancier, I would recommend Ai Fiori. The lunch prix-fixe is 2 courses for $38 (dessert extra), so it is more expensive. But, imo, worth it as the food is delicious, and the ambiance is lovely.

      Along the lines of JG, EMP, CB, etc., has your friend been to Tocqueville? The 3-course lunch prix-fixe @$29 is a steal for cuisine of such high caliber. They also offer a $15 wine pairing. Service is attentive, and the elegant dining room is one of the most beautiful in the city.