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Apr 29, 2012 09:52 AM

Trans Canada road trip

I'm doing a cross country drive - starting in Kamloops, BC to (more or less) Toronto. We'll probably take 5-ish days to make the trip with whatever short diversions look worthwhile. Anyway - looking for any recommendations for decent (not fancy) food along the way. We'll follow the Trans-Canada highway through the prairies, then north of Superior through Kenora and Thunder Bay toward sourthern Ontario. Suggestions, please, so we don't end up eating nothing but potato chips and gas station food! Thanks.
(Also posting this on the Prairie provinces board...)

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  1. I've done the drive from Winnipeg to Toronto.
    trust me when I say that there's nothing to eat once you past Thunder Bay. you literally have truck stops until Sault Ste Marie (someone correct me if I'm wrong or if things have changed over the past 12 years).

    I ate at a relatively nice restaurant in SSM. cannot remember what its called, but its on the highway. i don't think there are a million choices

    As an aside, if you want any Winnipeg suggestions, let me know. just name the meal and the day of the week.

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      Would love Winnipeg suggestions. I've posted a duplicate of this on the Prairies board so you can add yours there. Anywhere to get smoked fish?

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        you looking to buy in bulk or at a restaurant?
        the place where we used to buy would be a 15 min drive off of the TCH. but there are going to be places downtown.

    2. I drove Toronto to Edmonton a few years ago and had Anne Hardy's book "Where to Eat in Canada" with me. It made my trip a Canadian culinary adventure.

      It's a treasury of both the fine dining and just plain good places to eat across Canada. Each year a new edition is published in June and it's well worth the $25, and cheaper on-line, if it spares you just one mistake.

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        Yeah well too late really. We'll be flying by the seat of our pants more or less. Currently in Kamloops - lift off is tomorrow morning!

      2. I haven't (road? taste?) tested it myself, but Ian Brown's "Ian Brown Eats Canada" may be of some help.

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          That is a fantastic link - thank you!

        2. I haven't lived in Thunder Bay for several years now, but I know that The Caribou restaurant and The Good News Cafe are still open - I loved both when I lived there. For higher end/fine dining, Bistro One is (was?) the best in the city. I'm sure there are newer options, but I would go to those 3 places if I was ever passing through.

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          1. The Nipigon Drive-In, in Nipigon, east of Thunder Bay, and Buster's BBQ in Vermillion Bay, west of Dryden, are both good places to eat along the Trans-Canada in Ontario.