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Apr 29, 2012 09:51 AM

Trans Canada road trip

I'm doing a cross country drive - starting in Kamloops, BC to (more or less) Toronto. We'll probably take 5-ish days to make the trip with whatever short diversions look worthwhile. Anyway - looking for any recommendations for decent (not fancy) food along the way. We'll follow the Trans-Canada highway through Calgary, Medicine Hat, Swift Current, Regina, Brandon, Winnipeg, then north of Superior through Kenora and Thunder Bay toward sourthern Ontario. Suggestions, please, so we don't end up eating nothing but potato chips and gas station food! Thanks.
(Also posting this on the Ontario board...)

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  1. kamloops to strathmore(east of calgary)is just in time for dinner ,strathmore station is on the 1 and is tasty.turn at the husky left then right ,cant miss manitoba at portage ,turn into portage rather then continuing on the 1 .main street portage has lots of foody stuff .also main east ends up more or less at the 1 again.its a fun trip ,i tolk a trip to point ala crois qc a few years ago from strathmore ,56hours ,hope you have good shocks as the roads in ont suck

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      Ha! We'll see about the roads. It's been a mild winter so maybe not as bad as usual. Thanks for the suggestions.

    2. Canmore:
      I like Crazyweed in Canmore, which is close to the Transcanada Highway. Tend to get more bang for your buck in Canmore than in Banff. :

      I enjoyed sushi at Globefish on my last visit in 2010, which has a 14th St location a couple km south of the Transcanada Hwy (16th Ave N) .

      There are some good Chinese restaurants and supermarkets near 16th Ave and Centre Street. I'm out of the loop, but maybe some Calgarians can mention which Chinese restaurants near 16th Ave N are currently the best bets. Maybe Central Grand?

      Lina's and Italian Market on Edmonton Trail are neat places to stop, if you're looking for a deli, snacks or treats for the road, and they are fairly close the Transcanada Highway.

      Cypress Hills/Maple Creek
      Ivan's Restaurant at Cypress Hills Resort Inn

      Moose Jaw:
      In Moose Jaw, I like The Mad Greek, Houston's Pizza and Nick's Place.

      Greko's on Albert St is decent for Greek food, and is fairly close to the Transcanada Highway. I'd also stop at the Orange Boot:

      I liked the food at Mise ( I guess it's on the upscale/casual side, but I liked their local focus, including dishes with local wild rice & pickerel), and I'd find a bakery selling Imperials/Diplomats (Gunn's is neat ). Here are the places I visited in Winnipeg:

      Look forward to reading your trip report!

      1. Two restaurants are coming to mind that are right along 16th Ave NE (hwy 1) in Calgary:

        Holy Smoke (BBQ) and Namskar (Indian). I like them a lot.

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          Juree's Thai Place is on the TC in Calgary.

        2. Ok so the trip didn't turn out to be the gastronomic oddysey that I'd imagined but it was still an excellent thing to do and I now fully comprehend how freaking gigantic Canada actually is. We did the drive in 5 days, and only had dinner in the places where we stopped for the night. Otherwise, we picked up reasonable car food to eat during the day because it would have taken way too long if we also stopped for lunch every day.

          We left Kamloops mid-morning and stopped to pick up some very good sandwiches in Salmon Arm at the Blue Canoe. That day they had some kind of grilled sandwich with asparagus, prosciutto and goat cheese which was delicious. From there we drove to Canmore, Alberta. Had dinner at the Bear's Paw on the main street of town. It was fine pub food - I had a good bison burger which was amazingly not overcooked. Next stop was Swift Current, Saskatchewan. Not a lot of choices there but our skuzzy motel gave us a $2 discount per person at the Buffalo Brew Pub - so when in Swift Current... We both had a really unexpectedly delicious steak sandwich which consisted of a thick strip loin steak, cooked perfectly. Other than that, not much to say about the place except that it has 6 TV screens. After that to Winnipeg. Our only fine dining of the trip: Mise. Dinner was good - there's an emphasis on local ingredients, which I liked. I had the cornmeal crusted pickerel which was served over a bunch of vegetables and was very nice. My son had some kind of chicken (sorry the trip has fogged my brain) which he also liked. The place was a bit pricey for what it was but since we'd been cheaping out so far it was ok. Loved the server who told us that all of our choices were perfect! and awesome! In the morning I had hoped to pick up some smoked goldeye but it was a Sunday and we needed to get on the road - nothing was open by the time we got going. From there, our next overnight was Wawa, Ontario - a long day's drive and no dinner (trail mix and carrot sticks from the car). On our last day - I know this is no longer the prairies but I'll finish up - we picked up some smoked whitefish and lake trout from Clarence's in Blind River. VERY smokey, very delicious.

          A long long long drive but really worth doing once in a person's life. Thanks everyone for your suggestions, even though I mostly didn't go to any of them. But maybe another time - if it ever happens.

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            so,did i lie?ont roads suck lol

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              Actually, I thought the roads were surprisingly decent. There were a few potholes, sure, but on the whole when you think about the terrible winters we have the roads were in pretty good shape. Only one (really) stupid truck driver in 5 days of driving - it was a great trip. Sorry to disappoint.

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                not disappointed. the experience for you in a car was different then mine in a 1 ton pulling a hard tall trailer (ouch)straight through (oww)to qc (please let me off here)for 56 hours (kill me now),but i digress ,good to hear that your trip was tasty.cheers

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                  I recommend a stop in Fields B.C. ( about 1 hour west of of Banff) to eat or take out at the Truffle Pigs Bistro, now relocated to the Kicking Horse Lodge.