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Apr 29, 2012 09:46 AM

Crabs... with a dog

Hey All,

I feel bad creating yet another crab thread on your boards, but I searched and searched and couldnt find a thread that quite matched my specifications.

Im driving from philly with friends to the baltimore area in search of proper maryland crabs, but I have a few inconvenient requirements.

1) We will have a dog with us, so the place either needs outdoor dinning that would allow a dog or needs to be a take out place with some nice outdoor seating we could use close by

2) There has to be at least some non seafood options, because one member of the party is lame and doesnt eat any seafood.

3) The place has to be great enough to justify our 2 hour drive from philly.

4) We were intending to drive to Baltimore, but recommendations elsewhere are totally acceptable if the extra quality is worth the extra driving.

Thank you very much

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  1. Places in Baltimore worth driving from Philly AND that serve crabs AND that are dog friendly? Phew, might be a tough one. At first I thought By The Docks in Middle River might do but their menu doesn't seem to list just crabs (crab cakes, crab soup, etc...). Still you could call and find out if they have special crab events or something. And if they're dog friendly.

    Maybe someplace out on the Eastern Shore?

    If you decide that you don't want crabs but rather you want pit beef and ribs... Jake's is your place!

    1. There is a place in Fells point that allows dogs and serves crabs. I can't remember the name, but it is on Thames Street between Cat's Eye and Slainte. They do serve non-seafood items. It meets 3 of 4 of your selections, since I'm not sure it meets #3.

      You can call someof the places with outdoor seating (Dockside, Captain James, Bo Brooks) and ask if you can sit at the outside tables with your dog.

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      1. re: Dithyramb

        I believe the place in Fells Point is called Riptide by the Bay.

        Dock of the Bay, in southeast Baltimore County, has outdoor space and may allow dogs. It's been years since I've had crabs there, but I don't remember them being great, and the service is horrible, but it's a nice place to spend the a pretty afternoon on the deck looking out at the water. I've no idea if they allow dogs.

        I think your best bet is to get carry out crabs, Chris' Seafood in Canton is a good bet, and then take them nearby to a picnic table by the pagoda in Patterson Park. (People definitely do this, btw.) You could stop at numerous places along the way to get food for the non-seafood eater in your group. As a bonus, there should be loads of four legged friends for your dog.

        1. re: baltoellen

          Thanks. Chris' seafood sounds like a great idea. I couldnt find a website, so I just wanted to confirm that I found the correct place. Is the address 801 S. Monteford Ave? I found a menu online that listed a bunch of non seafood options. Is any of that stuff good? Is there anywhere else in the area you would recommend for good non-seafood take out.

          Ive never been to Baltimore so I dont know what its like. Do you think we would get in trouble for drinking beers in Patterson Park with our crab? Cold beer and crab go so wonderfully together.

          1. re: vnair2

            Yes, that's the place. I can't speak to the non-seafood options there, since I've only had crabs and sides. There are a lot of options in the area to pick up something for a non-seafood eater, including a nearby Safeway if you don't want to think too long & hard about it. (Others can give you better suggestions.)

            You're not supposed to have beer in parks here, and you're not supposed to have dogs off leash, but people get creative......(BTW, if you don't know this, beer isn't sold in supermarkets here, but there's a little strip mall convenience store, maybe called Canton Convenience Store, diagonally across the street from Chris' that has a surprising decent selection of beer.)

            Also, if you're coming in to town via 95 & getting off at the Eastern Ave exit, you might also want to consider getting carry out crabs from Gaffney's, which is actually a lot more straightforward than getting to Chris' & is generally very good & less expensive.

            Whatever you do, make sure you call first for your crabs.

            1. re: baltoellen

              As a bonus, if you're still knoshy on your way back to 95 you could pop your head into Cinco de Mayo Taqueria on S Highland ave (accross the street from the big Cinco de Mayo Mercado) and get some chorizo tacos and tacos al pastor!