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Apr 29, 2012 09:35 AM

Looking for a late lunch spot in Malibu

Hey all,
I am heading south along PCH and will be stopping in Malibu around 230/3pm. Any suggestions for a good restaurant to stop at? I was thinking of some seafood, but open to other ideas. Also, would love to hear any attractions that I should hit. Thanks!

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    1. Bob Morris' Beach Cafe is interesting and right on the sand, really great beach and you can sit outside with table and umbrella in the sand. Inside you will see a lot of pictures of the stars that have frequented it. Somewhat a little more expensive than normal but very entertaining. They used to film the "Rockford Files" there with James Garner.

      Yes malibu seafood has great fish and chips, it is further south and on the land side.

      1. I'll put in a vote for Neptunes Net, it will be a nice near hour king scenes drive to get there along PCH but also whole steamed lobsters with drawn butter.

        Almost like an East Coast crab shack but in Southern California.

        It's still within the city limits Malibu.