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Apr 29, 2012 09:14 AM

Dress codes in Santa Fe and Albuquerque

"Dress code" sounds a little formal, as I know these areas are somewhat casual. But would we fit in at nicer restaurants wearing good jeans and a collared shirt (with sports coat for the very nice restaurants)? Thanks!

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  1. You'll be totally fine. The whole state is really informal.

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    1. re: finlero

      I thought so, but figured I'd better double-check! I live in San Francisco and collared shirt and nice jeans are ok for 98% of the restaurants. And collared shirt and Dockers are good for the remainder.

        1. re: DebitNM

          Debit is right about the sport coat. I had thought The Compound would require it. I was curious so just picked up the phone and was told they have relaxed their dress code.

          Have a great time.

          1. re: laredo

            We had dinner at The Compound [it was excellent] and no one had sport coat on, this was last May so it's been that way now for a bit.