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Apr 29, 2012 09:10 AM

Suggestions for girls' day out on May 5?

I'm meeting up with a wonderful friend for the day (and maybe night) next Saturday in Seattle. I've been to the usual stomping grounds (the market, museums, etc.) and I'm looking for outside the box suggestions of how to occupy our rare sans-kids day. We enjoy good food, drink, and adventure - any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Maybe you two should do either a Capitol Hill, or Ballard 'crawl'; both have LOTS of fun eateries - from ice cream, to bakeries, coffee, and casual to fancy great food - and tons of bars as well!Shops to poke through, good people watching, and interesting streets to wander.

    Do a search here on the board and you will get ton's of hits for either by neighborhood.

    1. Just had three girlfriends visit last weekend. Day 1: Sampler at Pike Place Chowder, samples from the market, crabs at home. Day 2: Lunch at Green Leaf after $27 massages in the ID, bubble tea at Ambrosia, tour of central library, walk up to Victrola Coffee & oysters at Taylor Shellfish, happy hour sushi at Momiji, then karaoke at the Rock Box. Day 3: We were going to do Fremont/Ballard crawl, but brunched at home, Olympic Sculpture Park, dinner at Staple & Fancy. Every step (and bite) of the itinerary was wonderful; I recommend any of it.

      1. Cinco de Mayo and Opening Day of Boating Season (I think) -- you should have no problem finding things to, places to eat, etc. Try Googling "Seattle Events, Ma 5". You should find plenty of ideas.

        1. Thanks for all the ideas - we've decided to do that Ballard crawl. :)

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            A very girly food destination in Ballard is Bastille. I say it's girly because of the charming decor, and it's less kid-friendly than other Ballard dining spots. I love eating in their bar around the fire pit. They serve very respectable French food.

            For a 100% kid-free dining experience, also consider The Walrus and the Carpenter for cocktails, raw oysters, steak tartare and other delicious small bites.