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Jun 9, 2003 03:54 PM

Best Coffee/Coffee Shop In SD

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I've lived in SD for years, but cant think of many great cups of coffee i've had. The best I can remember is espressos from expensive italian restaurants around town, or maybe from Cafe Bassam in the gaslamp.

Anywho, if anyone could recommend some good coffee/coffee shops in SD, i would be very appreciative.



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  1. I'm not sure that San Diego has a coffee culture similar to that of other places. I've had reasonably good luck at Twigg's, which is located at the corner of Park and Madison in the University Heights area.

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      There used to be a place...gosh, let me think where...just off Fern in Golden Hill..*Rebecca's*. When I lived in San Diego I'd go out of my way for a cup of coffee there, a home-made scone (lemon poppyseed was my favorite), and a chat with Rebecca. If she's still there, give her coffee a try.

      And as Gayla says, Twiggs is excellent~and all their pastries are home-baked by the owners. Super!

      1. re: Cristina

        1)Any of the Pannikin coffee houses

        2)The Living Room in Hillcrest

        3)Hill Street Coffee House in Oceanside(which also has an extensive menu)

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          Some of the best coffee in San Diego is at Caffe Gelato Vera on Washington and India. Fabulous gelato and good baked goods too.

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            OMG yes!Their coffee is good-I've never had the gelato there though(surprisingly)

            Slightly off topic, but there are a LOT of great restaraunts in the same area as Gelato Vera(El Indio is one)

    2. Has anyone been to Influx in Golden Hill. I have attached a link below with a short description and a link to their website. It looks like a fun atmosphere, I haven't had a chance to get over there. I'm curious how their coffee is. Here's a quote from them: "Dedicated to quality, taste, and style, influx will make you wonder where you went before, and why." (A little cocky, makes me want to give it a try)

      Oh - and I tend to like the coffee at Urban Grind on Park in Hillcrest better than Twiggs or the Living Room in the same area. And, while I try to avoid the McDonalds of coffee-dom, I still sometimes crave a black cup of Sumatra from plain old Starbucks. (though most of their other coffees disappoint) Haven't tried Gelato Vera but have been meaning to.


      1. Dear Friends, some time ago in Little italy, there was a coffee house/gallery named Gargoyle, the espresso was THE Best real authentic espresso, one of the Baristas told me the coffee brand was Portioli from Milan, and that he got trained by the coffee company person in San Diego and o yes this barista was making drinks like a champ just like what i lived in Italy during my studies abroad.

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          Gargoyle has closed - it was bought by the same people who owned La Vache and turned into a restaurant - I think it has changed hands again since then.

        2. I live in the San Jose area and travel to San Diego on business every month. When I get there one og the first things I do is go to "The Living Room" in La Jolla. They have a large selection of the milky frufru coffee drinks that I avoid. They also make great brewed coffee and espresso. Nice selection of pastry and light fare. The ambiance is pretty cool and you can sit out on the patio and people watch.


          1. From my experiences, ordering a soy mocha:

            Good: Cafe Colabria, Diedrich.

            Tolerable: Living Room, Twiggs, The Other Side, Korova, It's a Grind.

            Bad: Cafe Gelato Vera (good gelato though), Rebecca's, Cafe Italia (Sorry... but they steamed it in a paper cup).